Phat Bui Issues Statement on County Halting Payments for Do Flyers


Hot off the press:

Garden Grove City Councilmember and candidate for the 1st Supervisorial District, Phat Bui, Issues Statement about County Auditor Controller Eric Woolery’s Decision to Halt Payments on Mailers for Andrew Do

“I applaud County Auditor Controller Eric Woolery’s decision to halt payments on several mass mailers sent by Supervisor including Andrew Do over concerns that they may violate state regulations at taxpayer expense, as reported in the Voice of OC.

I was shocked when I learned through my constituents that Supervisor Do has sent more than 20 mailers that potentially violate state law. These mailings may have already been paid for by the taxpayers and I encourage the County       Auditor / Controller to investigate these mailings as well

On March 19, 2016 my campaign filed a complaint for violation of the FPPC California Code of Regulations Section 18901 against incumbent Supervisor Andrew Do for mass mailings sent at public expense.  Public officials are prohibited from sending mass mailings at public expense which include more than a single mention of the elected officer and further prohibit public officials from mailing an announcement of any event which is not directly related to the elected officials’ governmental duties.

I am running to fight against corruption in County ‘Government.  Some Supervisors think they are above the law.  I promise to protect the taxpayers of Orange County when elected to the 1st Supervisorial District of Orange County.”

About Phat Bui

In 2014, Phat Bui was elected to the Garden Grove City Council, where he has been a leader in efforts to reform City government.  Phat built a successful business that provides software solutions to government agencies and Fortune 500 corporations.  Phat Bui’s is an American story.  His family escaped from communist tyranny in Vietnam.  One of eight children, Pat arrived in America by boat, determined to build a better life.

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  1. Vinh
    April 11, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Great Job by Phat Bui to expose such corruption

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