New LA Times Senate Poll: Sanchez Gains Ground, Harris Support Flat, a Third of Voters Still Undecided

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris, photo credit: LA Times

The latest USC Dornslife/Los Angeles Times poll on the US Senate race in California shows frontrunner Kamala Harris has failed to increase her lead and is still stuck at 28% while Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) has narrowed the gap to less than 10 percentage points and has shown steady growth.  Leading the California Senate race at 32% is “undecided” as most voters are still focused on the presidential primaries and, with the California primary being in play for the Republicans, it’s still unclear if any of the Republicans running for Senate will be able to overcome Sanchez for the number two spot especially when Latino voters are expected to flock to the polls in June.

The Times story points out that Harris has spent nearly $4 million on her campaign (I wonder how much is spent on 5-star hotel suites charged to the campaign) and her support level hasn’t moved.  Sanchez is showing small gains in the race, but not enough to solidify the overall second place spot even though she’s 11 points ahead of her closest Republican challenger.

From the story:  “I think what is most striking about the Senate race is that it hasn’t changed since September,” said Anna Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, a Democratic polling firm that conducted the poll with the Republican firm American Viewpoint.

In the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll conducted in September, Harris led Sanchez 26% to 17% among registered voters, with Del Beccaro receiving 10%. Sundheim had not entered the race at the time.

Harris’ support among registered voters hasn’t risen or fallen to a significant degree since February 2015, a month after she jumped into the race, when she was favored by 28% of registered voters. Support for Harris failed to increase even after she received the endorsement of California Democratic Party in late February.”

The fact that Harris hasn’t gained any ground among voters after her big endorsement win at the CDP Convention is telling.  Her fundraising emails speak of growing momentum, when the poll indicates there is none and there is a significant percentage of undecided voters will certainly make up their minds in June when Trump and Cruz battle it out and Latino voters are expected to go to the polls in droves.  All this benefits Sanchez who left the convention in San Jose and continued to do her job as a Congressional representative speaking out on a variety of issues you’d expect a Senatorial candidate to speak out about.


  2 comments for “New LA Times Senate Poll: Sanchez Gains Ground, Harris Support Flat, a Third of Voters Still Undecided

  1. Pinky
    March 29, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Unleash the Panda. Kidney stones hurt

  2. Ltpar
    March 29, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Had a telephone survey this week and from the slant of the questions I deducted it was paid for by Kamelia Harris. They kept asking over and over again given a choice who would I vote for Harris or Sanchez? Since no Republican has an outside change in California of getting elected to the Senate, I opted for the lesser of two evils and went with Sanchez. It is pretty sad, when you have to vote that way.

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