Conservative Blog says Don Wagner to Run for Irvine Mayor

Don Wagner

Don Wagner

State Rep. Don Wagner is termed out of his assembly seat and is eyeing a run at Irvine Mayor according to a right wing blog RightOnDaily (love the elephant playing Liberal whack a mole fellas).  The blog’s credo is “We don’t like the namby-pamby niceties of Orange County Republican Society and have made it our mission to expose fraud, even when it is someone people like to hob-knob with.”  Sure it is….

RigthOn says Wagner, who decided not to challenge State Senator John Moorlach in a rematch of their special election, has been making phone calls to solicit support for a Mayoral run this November.

From the site:  “Incumbents everywhere should be afraid for their political future – especially those that do nothing for their district. As near I can tell, Mimi Walters is connected to hear district and is connected to supporting other Republicans versus John Moorlach who rewarded leadership for defending him with a big giant fundraising goose-egg. (oh, and he told them to expect more of the same)

Which leads me to Wagner for Mayor. He has a whole lot of that money that does not matter, and since he has been relieved of any responsibility to distribute any of it, (remember, how we were  told that raising money for other Republicans did not matter?) it has to go somewhere…

Sources tell me that Jeff Lalloway and his crew are in a meltdown.

Jeff Lalloway is reputedly threatening to shut down the proposed veterans cemetery in Irvine because he literally is so enraged that he wants to keep Christina Shea from looking good. I have heard of Lalloway holding up contentious votes (when he is the 3rd good vote) in Irvine just because he can. Bloggers have written about this ad naseum.

It seems that Lalloway’s ego is out of control.

I guess the idea of people on the Orange County GOP Central Committee (or OC GOP establishment) seeking revenge on the innocent because they are mad at someone else is not a new concept?

Don Wagner is very well positioned to torch Lalloway. There are no sissified “party unity” excuses here. No institutional “You gotta support the incumbent at all costs” excuses here. This is a straight up open seat election with no side excuses people can hide behind to avoid doing the right thing – if Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor.

Why do I think Wagner runs for Irvine Mayor? Before he dropped out of the SD37 challenge he’d called people and/or had conversations to that effect.”

There’s a small problem with this rationale; Steven Choi is running for State Assembly and is not a lock to finish in the top two now that a Democrat has entered the race.  If former Anaheim council member Harry Sidhu (who has more endorsements but not more money) wins and Choi is odd-man out, Choi can run for a third term as Irvine mayor due to a new term limits law passed four years ago that reset Choi’s term at zero.

There’s a lot of us who hope Choi finished in the top two and loses to boot him out of office, seemingly for good.  If he is fortunate enough to make it to the State Assembly, he can expect a broom closet for an office and will have all the impact of a soft grounder to short.

Wagner has money of his own, but unless he bows to kneel before Emile Haddad and kiss the developer’s ring, expect another FivePoint candidate to emerge — one who already has a rubber stamp in his or her hand.

But enjoyed the unexpected find of RightOn which means I don’t have to go to FlashReport or the oft-neglected PowederBlue blog for unintentional conservative humor.

  7 comments for “Conservative Blog says Don Wagner to Run for Irvine Mayor

  1. Ltpar
    March 22, 2016 at 10:31 am

    Frankly, based on a dismal record of accomplishment, temper tantrums, refusing to vote on issues he doesn’t like and leaving Council meetings early, Jeff Lalloway couldn’t get elected as dog catcher, much less Mayor. That would have given Mary Ann Gaido a very good shot at the spot and I was even thinking of backing her over Lalloway. Happy to hear that Don Wagner is throwing his hat in the ring. That should keep Lalloway out of the race and Wagner should easily beat Gaido. Chirstina Shea is pretty much a lock on her reelection, so that leaves only Beth Kroms seat? Hopefully, it will be another conservative who can join with Shea & Wagner if forming a new majority without counting on joined at the hip Lalloway and Schott. Unfortunately, both of them have two more years on their terms until we can get rid of them. Should be an interesting election.

    • March 22, 2016 at 11:56 am

      Irvine Democrats outnumber conservatives Pat…by more than 500 voters. And it will be a huge turnout of Dems eager to make sure Hillary or Bernie is elected president over the racist and bigoted Donald Trump…..Shea’s ethical issues do not make her a lock.

      • Ltpar
        March 22, 2016 at 12:38 pm

        Dan, you can only beat the “ethical ” horse for so long before it is dead. I am confident the FPPC review will clear Christina Shea of any wrong doing. We already know Christina is the most popular elected member on the Council, despite underhanded attempts by that clown Jeff Lalloway to smear her. When Shea is cleared, you and pseudo journalist Adam, will be standing around with egg on your face. With Hillary having a lock on the nomination, doubt there will be the massive turnout you expect. She doesn’t seem to generate much excitement. On the other hand, I expect to see an all time high of conservative and independent voters step to the plate to the tune of “Taking Back America.” Should be an interesting local election , even though I will be monitoring it from Cedaredge, Colorado this year.

        • Pinky
          March 22, 2016 at 12:58 pm

          How much did she pay for her new boobs? Shea is a joke. An intellectual lightweight who will do anything for Emile at Five points over Irvine citizens

          • Ltpar
            March 22, 2016 at 6:17 pm

            Pinky, if you are a living example of an “intellectual” then I would be happy to join Council Member Shea as a “lightweight.”

        • March 22, 2016 at 2:11 pm

          I’m confident the FPPC review will find she broke state law

  2. Whack A Troll
    March 22, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    Dan, don’t take too much of what this blog has to say. It’s run by a Northern California troll who gets paid to blog on behalf of causes and candidates for about $500 a month. This troll was first exposed in 2010 when he was booted from RedCounty for getting paid to blog on behalf of Steve Poizner:

    And it’s not all hearsay, during the intraparty skirmish between Charles Munger and his foes Mr. Park testified under oath that he is a paid online troll:

    Most recently Aaron Park was paid by Don Wagner during the 2015 special election and beyond, look at the April 9th payment:

    And the December 22nd payment:

    Art Pedroza allowed him to blog on his OCPolitics for awhile but booted him once he realized Park had a conflict of interest and was attacking Greg Raths, Anna Bryson and John Moorlach out of personal gain, not because of an objective observation:

    It’s clear what Park does, he gets paid to publish opposition research that is fed to him by candidates, causes and their supporters. Then once he posts the content on a blog they produce a mail piece citing the blog. Word is around the center-right OC blogsphere he had tried to get a pen name on several OC blogs, but his credibility has run out, which is why he set up his own OC version. So just know that anything that he posts is being paid for by a candidate or consultant.

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