SD-29 Watch: Kang Challenges Chang to Release College Transcripts

Sukhee Kang

State Senate candidate Sukhee Kang today challenged State Rep Ling Ling Chang to release her college transcripts, saying he’ll do the same to show voters which candidate is being truthful about their educational background.

Here’s the release:


Democratic Senate Candidate Says “Voters Have a Right to Know”

Whether Chang Is Telling the Truth About Her College Record

FULLERTON – Democratic state Senate candidate Sukhee Kang today challenged his Republican opponent, Asm. Ling Ling Chang, to release her college transcripts in order to clear up multiple questions that have been raised about her actual college experience, and numerous conflicting and inconsistent public statements she has made about the subject.

In Chang’s 2014 campaign for the Assembly, even her GOP opponents raised serious questions about her assertions that she had a college degree, and about supposedly attending Harvard University. News media investigations found that the 39-year-old Chang has never earned a degree, despite her repeated claims, and despite being the privileged daughter of a respected dentist who apparently lived with her parents until she was 36.

“This will be a very important issue in this campaign as it relates to basic integrity,” said Garry South, Kang’s chief strategist. “It’s no sin not to have a college degree, the offense comes in lying about it. If a candidate will lie to voters about their education, what else will they lie about? Chang needs to come clean and clear up the facts about her apparently barely existent college career. Voters have a right to know if their next state senator is a serial prevaricator.”

In the letter to Chang, dated today, Kang proposes a mutual release of their respective college transcripts. Kang graduated from the prestigious Korea University in his native South Korea, with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics. He has also been awarded an honorary doctoral degree from Dongseo University in Busan, South Korea. Kang also has been special advisor to the chancellor of UC Irvine, and an adjunct professor and Chancellor Fellow at Chapman University.

Kang’s wife, Joanne, is also a graduate of Korea University. The Kang children, Alan, 35, and Angie, 33, attended public schools in Anaheim, where the Kang family lived for 10 years. Alan, a graduate of USC’s Marshall School of Business, is a manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Angie, a graduate of Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall), is senior counsel at Hulu.



See these press reports about Ling Ling Chang’s educational claims:–.html


And here’s the letter in full:


February 3, 2016

Hon. Ling Ling Chang

Ling Ling Chang for State Senate

2500 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 201

Brea, CA 92821


Dear Assemblywoman Chang:

Happy Year of the Monkey to you and your family! I am writing to suggest the mutual release of our respective college transcripts.

As you well know, many questions have been raised about the time you spent at the University of Riverside. It has even been reported that you have claimed to have a degree in biology from UCR, an assertion that several news sources, including the Orange County Register, have found to be untrue. But questions about the circumstances surrounding your actual attendance at UC Riverside have never been made clear.

Numerous questions have also been raised about your repeated claim to be “attending” Harvard University, and that you were “expecting” a Harvard degree in 2015. Education is an issue of such major importance to the voters, especially in the entire Asian American community, as you are well aware.

Voters in the 29th Senate District have a right to know the facts about the candidates’ own educational backgrounds and qualifications before they vote on who they want to represent them in the California State Senate. They particularly need to know whether the candidates are actually telling the truth about their claimed education credentials.

I therefore propose that we both release our full college transcripts, mine from Korea University and yours from UC Riverside and Harvard, so that the media and voters can judge for themselves the accuracy and truthfulness of our respective educational backgrounds.

If you agree, we can work out a date and manner of releasing these records simultaneously. I respectfully ask that you respond to this challenge in a timely fashion, as we are now less than five months from the date of the primary election.

Sincerely yours, Sukhee Kang