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Happy New Year

Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016.  Thanks for reading us (and that includes all of our friends at the Orange Juice Blog who read every word). We’ll remind you deadlines approach for fundraising so if you can, give to your favorite candidate before midnight tonight.  Don’t drink and drive.  Enjoy the Rose Parade.

Someone Jerry Brown needs to pardon

On Christmas Eve, word came down that California Governor Jerry Brown had pardoned actor Robert Downey Jr. for past drug offenses committed in the late 1990s.  It remains a Christmas eve ritual of the governor who also pardoned about 90 people mostly for minor infractions for drugs, robbery and burglary.  Next Christmas, if not sooner,…

Bao Nguyen uses Correa’s CD-46 Poll to Bolster His Own Progressive Credentials

Remember that poll in the CD-46 race issued by Lou Correa’s campaign?  The one that showed the former State Senator well ahead of all other challengers for Loretta Sanchez’s congressional seat (including the 2014 losing Republican candidate)?  And remember how our friends at the OrangeJuice blog offered a long, hard and largely unreadable explanation of…

Wishing you the gift of friendship this Holiday season

The latest musical obsession in my house, courtesy of my daughter, is music from the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.”  It’s a hip hop musical history lesson about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton and has an amazing cast and fantastic music. A lyric from one of the songs says, “Look around, look around, how…

TOON: How Lou Stole The 46th

Now that Jordan Brandman dropped out of the race after facing attacks from Latinos and fellow Democrats, it looks like there’s not much standing in Lou Correra’s way.