Will Ling Ling Chang Graduate from Harvard Extension School This Year?


When State Rep. Ling Ling Chang was a candidate for Assembly in 2014, there was considerable coverage of claims she’s made on her bio about her background and her education that turned out to be inaccurate.  She’s now running as a Republican for State Senate in SD-29.  We contacted the Chang for Senate campaign Wednesday and again Thursday to ask a simple question: Does Ms. Chang expect to graduate from “Harvard University” this year as she told voters last year and left in her bio on Voter’s Edge?

The answer from her campaign team. “we’ll get back to you.”  Two days later, no they haven’t.

LLChang LinkedInProfile

Doesn’t anyone from the campaign have her cell phone for a quick text?  How much time is really need to ask a simple question and get a simple answer? Apparently, longer than two days.  Or perhaps, they are hoping the story goes away.

We have to point out Chang attends the “Extension School” at Harvard University; she’s not enrolled online in Harvard University.  But heck, people in her district probably don’t know this….  And they probably don’t know she’s been enrolled in the Harvard Extension School since 2008, so that means kids who were in first grade in 2008 — when Chang started her college education — will be enrolled in 8th grade now.  Chang was just elected to Assembly and now is running for State Senate.  Can this candidate finish anything she’s started?

From a blog called A Very Good Life, which wrote this flattering piece on Chang, you get the impression Chang’s at Harvard University.  A self described science geek, absorbing data, “To analyze evidence and (move towards) action.” are the personal qualities that propel her work.  Having begun her biology studies in California, she is continuing her formal education with studies in environmental issues through Harvard.


More interestingly, check out the Ling Ling Chang for State Senate website, there’s a contact phone number on the site and it’s the private cell phone of Anthony Kuo, her communications staffer for her state assembly office.  When I called Wednesday, I asked to speak with someone authorized to speak for her Senate Campaign, and Kuo asked if it was campaign related for state office related (Assembly)?  I responded with “well, which one are you taking calls for?” and he replied “State Assembly.”  I asked what his number was doing on her campaign site if he’s charged with state assembly business.  Kuo said it was alright because it’s his private cell phone.  Sure it is.

Kuo, an Irvine planning commissioner, is also a candidate for Irvine City Council.

So what’s the over/under on Chang further extending getting her degree from Harvard Extension school to 2016 or beyond?  What’s the line from Animal House?  Seven years of college down the drain?