Veterans Beware; Anthony Kuo Throws His Hat in the Ring for Irvine City Council

Irvine Planning Commission Anthony Kuo

Irvine Planning Commission Anthony Kuo

Anthony Kuo, an Irvine Planning Commissioner who in the last election cycle suggested to Irvine’s Great Park neighbors who are Chinese immigrants that the Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial would be done in through the Planning Commission, has decided to run for City Council.  He’s a Republican who lacks the vision for the city that his current GOP colleagues on the city council share with him.

Here’s his announcement:

I love Irvine … but, you probably already knew that!

I grew up in Irvine, my family built a small business near UC Irvine, I attended Irvine’s public schools, got involved in local non-profit organizations like the Irvine Valley College Foundation and the Exchange Club of Irvine, and have had the pleasure to serve on the city’s Planning Commission for the past five years, being unanimously re-elected as Chairman of the commission the past three years.

As a commissioner, and Chairman, I led efforts towards finally getting the Orange County Great Park built, reviewed and improved policies governing development in Irvine and worked hard to maintain and enhance the high quality of life we have in this city.

Above all my responsibilities and accomplishments, I have enjoyed meeting so many residents, homeowners and community leaders in an effort to ensure City Hall serves them. Their stories and experiences inspired me, and led me to the decision to take the next step in serving my community. 

I am excited to announce that I am running for Irvine City Council. I’m running because I want to keep Irvine the same amazing community in which I had the privilege of being raised. 

Now, I need help from friends like you. I hope you’ll reply and allow me to use your name as an endorser, and that you’ll click here to be one of my early contributors. In the coming year, I’ll be busy visiting Irvine’s neighborhoods, sharing my thoughts on being a fair, open and informed public servant representing my community, and raising funds to accomplish those goals in preparation for the November 8, 2016 election. Individuals and/or corporations may contribute up to $470, but every dollar is helpful, and you can also contribute monthly to suit your budget.

Thank you for your friendship, and thanks in advance for your personal support. I hope to be sharing more good news and additional updates in the coming weeks!

Kuo will likely be the beneficiary of significant developer dollars towards IEs.  And he’s working over the new Chinese immigrant communities in the Great Park neighborhoods for money.  This announcement is his first one in English; he announced his candidacy in Chinese media weeks ago.


  2 comments for “Veterans Beware; Anthony Kuo Throws His Hat in the Ring for Irvine City Council

  1. Ltpar
    October 15, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Dan, I find it hard to believe you would approve any Republican who might run for Irvine City Council. Give them a Democrat lable however, and you are “johnnie on the spot.” I know Anthony, but not all that well. I would want to hear his position on a number of issues I consider important to the community, before endorsing and supporting his campaign. Frankly, I am very disappointed in at least two of the existing conservative majority and will not be supporting or voting for them in the future. One is not up for election in 2016, but the other gets a free pass. It is good to see other Republican conservatives throwing their hat in the ring. along with your Agran holdover wantabees. We will just have to wait and see what the desires of the voting majority say?

  2. John
    November 16, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Anthony Kuo has NOT been on the side of Orange County’s veterans regarding the Great Park Veterans Cemetery. Instead, during the 2014 election, Kuo attempted to convince those who opposed the veterans cemetery that if Mayor Choi was reelected, the cemetery would NOT be built.

    The Chinese language newspaper World Journal published the following article on October 26, 2014, just days before the election:

    “Irvine Planning Commission Chairman Anthony Kuo has said that the Irvine City Council has provided land to the California Veterans Cemetery, but that that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cemetery will be built here. He explained that land development proposals go through the Planning Commission, and the Veterans Cemetery was reviewed only for land use rights, but construction was not approved, yet the City Council voted its willingness to provide land to build the county’s first Veterans Cemetery. . . Kuo said that prior to receiving funding, the Planning Commission will again review the program; then the city must be notified in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the relevant committee will seek out the views of residents. Kuo expressed his understanding that the cemetery land contains a lot of cement and, it may require actions such as soil preparation to a depth of six or more feet prior to construction. Given the many variables to be included in the environmental assessment process, he currently considers the possibility that a veterans cemetery will be built in the Great Park not to be large.”

    In other words, Kuo promises that if people vote for Choi (and indirectly his planning commissioner Anthony Kuo), then Kuo would be able to make sure that the veterans cemetery was never built.

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