This weekend, buy a Mattress for Eli Home and Help Northwood High’s Drama Department

NHS Drama and Eli Home

The Northwood High Drama club is holding a mattress fundraiser to bolster the clubs coffers, and for those who don’t need a mattress but would like to help the club, you can buy one and have it delivered to the Eli Home in Anaheim.  Last year, Northwood was the first of five high schools in Orange County that provided a opportunity to help two non-profit groups and a total of 14 mattresses were sent to the Eli Home to replace half of the mattresses at a single shelter. The Eli Home could use 77 mattresses.

So this Saturday and Sunday, you can purchase all sorts of name brand mattresses direct with a savings of 30 to 60% off and profits from the sale benefit the school’s Drama Department.  When you turn around and donate that bed to the Eli Home, you’re helping a kid that really needs it.

The Eli Home provides a safe place for abused kids and their mothers; it’s is a multi-faceted faith based organization which runs three shelters.  The Eli Home’s 13,000 square-foot thrift store and it operates as a social enterprise via a place-based initiative called ESCRI.  No child should live in fear, and telling a kid they are sleeping in a brand new bed does offer a measure of comfort in what is often a scary time.
Just swing by Northwood High School Saturday or Sunday from 10AM to 5PM, make a twin bed-mattress purchase and designate for delivery to the Eli Home.  Can’t make it to the show, go to this website:!our-products/ctl4; just reference Northwood High School and designate you want a mattress sent to the Eli Home. 

Our friends at the OJ blog like to make fun of this effort; I bought two mattresses last year and will buy two more this year.  It’d be just great if any one of you bloggers or commenters could open your wallet or check book and help a child at Eli Home rather than belittle an effort to help a kid.