University of California Schools to Increase Minimum Wage to $15/Hr over Next 3 Years


More evidence the City of Irvine is moving backwards and not forward today with news the University of California system will increase their minimum wage to $15 per hour according to reports from the LA Times.

From the story:

The move is expected to affect about 3,200 direct UC employees who work more than 20 hours a week, as well as several thousand more who are not direct employees but work for contractors, officials said.

UC officials have estimated that the move will wind up costing about $14 million a year and that most of that will come from sources other than state funding and tuition, such as parking fees, hospital revenues and bookstore sales, according to UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein.

Under the plan, the minimum wage for employees who work more than half time at UC will be $14 an hour by Oct. 1, 2016, and $15 by Oct. 1, 2017.

Now in speaking up against the Living Wage program in Irvine, Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Lalloway suggested the council should be working on ways to help create jobs.  Its somewhat of a “feel good” statement Conservatives say when there’s no real plan or no real ideas to actually create new jobs.  We await the councilman’s ideas on job creation….

  2 comments for “University of California Schools to Increase Minimum Wage to $15/Hr over Next 3 Years

  1. Cynthia mae Curran
    July 22, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    Well, I think liberals think of minium wage as a magic even Thomas Pikney on the left said Minimum helps only to a certain level. Most low skilled workers need better job skills. Granted, there is a certain group that probably are always in low skilled jobs. Wage Subsidy might worked better since it gives you the support kind of like welfare and allows younger workers to be train. In Western Europe there is a high youth unemployment rate of 25 percent or higher.

  2. Cynthia mae Curran
    July 22, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    What about this one, housing is expensive in Orange County, not a big fan of Joel Konkin but he address this on a daily basis. In Orange County many Republicans are guilty of preventing cheaper housing form being built like Apartments in Huntington Beach. Most OC Repubs want all housing to be tract housing as possible but many people could afford to live in more apartments, mobile homes or condos. Also, there ae more inexpensive means of housing believe it or not 3-d housing has been done. Pre-fab housing is better for the ecology. Why not pushed a pre-fab condos by any developer in Irvine. Maybe at least around the 400.000 ranged. It seems that you think everything is wages and not housing..

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