It’s a Marriage Equality Party in Santa Ana Friday Night

Simpsons on Gay Marriage

Simpsons on Gay Marriage

Paraphrasing President Obama’s Speech this Morning: Each of you had a role in today’s decision. Those who came before us had a role in today’s decision. So tonight we celebrate each of you. We celebrate all of us!

7:00 PM

Harvey Milk Plaza (aka Plaza Santa Ana)

Corner of 4th Street and French Street

Downtown Santa Ana​

Gay Neighbors, Families and Friends of Santa Ana is dedicated to creating LGBT awareness within our neighborhoods, fostering an inclusive culture that recognizes LGBT residents as valuable participants in the fabric of everyday life.  Working with neighbors, community organizations and businesses, we seek to unite individuals and further strengthen our communities.

A Facebook Page has been created for the Santa Ana Event:

There’s a parking structure next to the event space.  Entrance at the corner of Spurgeon and Fifth. Or metered parking all around at $1.00 per hour. Free after 8:00.