Gay Bear Couple Own

I love this. Couple describe themselves as “tech bears” and intended to use the site as a platform to discuss LGBT rights. Good job guys.

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  1. Daniel
    January 29, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Have you no shame sir…

    I came out at 17 in Anaheim Hills and ever since then I have repeated the following sentiment: I shucked a set of chains just to weight myself down with another set. (I am a person who highly values this thing called autonomy*.) Thanks to power hungry Democratic operatives, I am still struggling with the oppression that comes with identifying as part of the LGBT community.

    Thanks to the likes of you, kids are told that if they are gay and Republican they might as well stay in the closet because their is no home for them. Alternatively, they can waive the opportunity to form their own political opinions. That is disgusting and sad. For someone like me, it is a crippling moral dilemma.

    Apparently, some gay people are more concerned with solidifying and capitalizing on an aggrieved interest group than the happiness and well-being of actual persons within the community of interest.

    Gay Democratic activists are deliberately restricting the freedom of gay people. Whether that is because they are manipulated fools or uncaring/corrupt, I don’t know…

    *Look it up!

  2. Daniel
    January 29, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    And for what… At best, Democrats are, generally, a few election cycles ahead of the GOP on LGBT issues.

    And that statement ignores the fact that Democrats have been known to stoke bigotry on the right so as to harm the Republican brand. To be a modern Democratic, after-all, one must be familiar with hate. As such, it must be manufactured. (see AB 1266)

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