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Galloway Gets LaborFed Endorsement in Anaheim; Moreno Doesn’t

Lorri Galloway

Lorri Galloway

Lorri Galloway, the DPOC endorsed candidate for Mayor in Anaheim, received more good news this week with the notification that the Orange County LaborFeb is backing her with a formal endorsement in a three-way race for Mayor against current Mayor Tom Tait and Council member Lucille Kring.  Dr. Jose Moreno failed to lock up the LaborFed’s endorsement most likely due to Moreno’s endorsement of Tait, one of the most anti-labor elected officials in Orange County.

Galloway enters Labor Day weekend with two major endorsements for Anaheim’s top job without a single blemish from the Republican in-fighting between Tait and Kring.  She’s been walking Anaheim’s many neighborhoods and campaigning actively, reminding voters of her record, registering new voters when she can, and raising money for the tough fight ahead.  There was some concern Kring might get the nod as Kring’s record on voting for union contracts is actually halfway decent.  Tait consistently votes against union contractsd and is typically the soul “no” vote on many negotiated union contracts

With two of the biggest endorsements swen up, Galloway can now focus on securing endorsements of noted OC elected.