CD-45 Voters Fact Check; Drew Leavens Does Live in Irvine


Some last minute shenanigans need to be dealt with in the race to replace John Campbell in Congress.  Drew Leavens is the only Democrat in the race and he doesn’t have the party’s official endorsement but he certainly has the de facto endorsement of the DPOC members as evidenced from the support Leavens is getting from Henry Vandermeir and other prominent party leaders.  I should also mention, Leavens and Greg Raths are the only candidates for this seat who actually live in the District, Leavens having moved into Irvine a few months ago.  This is a far cry from the 550 square foot rented efficiency Mimi Walters calls home, but doesn’t reside in.

What’s prompted this?  An email from candidate Al Salehi  going after Democratic voters.  I attended a Lincoln Club/Irvine Chamber candidates’s breakfast several weeks ago where Salehi briefly had control of the microphone and announced to the Republicans sitting in the audience that he was “a candidate for sale.”  He openly admitted to being ready to “take” from special interests to give back to the district.  There was some mumbo jumbo about everyone getting free Dell laptops and my first thought was “why Dell?”  The candidate’s statements generated laughter…directed at him not with him.  I’ve dismissed him as a flake.  I was there.  I heard Salehi say he was for sale.


But his email below, on the eve of the election, is dishonest on a few fronts.  Here it is:

Dear Democratic Voter:

I have been endorsed by President Bill Clinton and Governor Bill Richardson. The Democratic candidate failed to get his own party’s endorsement.  he is from San Diego County and cannot win this seat, so don’t waste your vote.  As the sole independent candidate, I’m your only chance to keep a right wing rubber stamp from capturing the 45th Congressional District.

Send an Independent voice to Congress!

As a Trustee of the local library district, I am a public official who puts education first.  I was born in Laguna Beach, where I ran track at LBHS and chaired the Community Anti-Drug Coalition, advocating for rehabilitation rather than costly incarceration.  I saw my Persian-immigrant parents sacrifice for their kids, and I’m determined to make the American Dream come true for all who earn it — regardless of origin.

 With the retirement of incumbent John Campbell, you have a rare opportunity to let your voice be heard.  Send a message to Washington in favor of bipartisan cooperation and give President Obama the ability to accomplish his objectives without impediment in his last two years.  Democrats only comprise 30% of the vote in the 45th District.  Together with non-partisans, however, we comprise 60% of the vote!

Join the new majority.  Vote Al Salehi for Congress!


We’ve already established Drew lives in the district and has unofficial party support.  If you’re a Democrat, he deserves your vote.  But Bill Clinton hasn’t endorsed Salehi for Congress; Bill Clinton gave Salehi a commendation when Salehi was in high school.  That is a far cry from an endorsement.  Bill Richardson signed an autograph for Salehi wishing him luck in his race and writing “I hope you win.”  Well, I have an autographed photo from Baywatch actress Erika Eleniak wishing me “all her love” but I certainly won’t be leaving my wife to start a new romance over a throwaway line on a photo.  But that’s what Salehi is asking Democratic voters to believe.

If you’re voting for Congress tomorrow and you want someone who will represent the interests of CD-45 and Democratic values, please place your vote for Drew Leavens tomorrow.

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  1. thepragmatist
    June 2, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    Argh! Our best bet to get a competitive November election is to pit Walters against someone she might actually lose to, which will unfortunately be a Republican. Pitting Leavens or Al Salehi against Walters means we’ll get stuck with Walters representing us in Congress and voting for more NSA funding, more Americans in prison, more wars overseas, another government shutdown, big business handouts, tax credits for 501(c) scam artists, higher health insurance premiums, a longer immigration backlog, state-sponsored censorship, fewer protections for endangered species, and a step backwards in climate-change mitigation. I doubt Greg Raths can prevent all of the above scenarios and in fact he might agree with Walters on 80% of these issues. The point is that in a Raths vs. Walters race in November we can get at least one of them to sway left on 1 or 2 issues that will attract the Tea Party and liberal voters they need to win the election, which is a slight improvement of the status quo of Walters being a shoe-in. In a district as red as the 45th Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Socialists, and Independents won’t win in November, especially in a year without a presidential election. The best bet is to force a red vs. red fight in November with the idea that at least one candidate will cater to the groups frequently ignored in this district. Shoot, I would love to actually have a choice between getting a representative in favor of endangered species protection or a rep. in favor of marijuana legalization. A Walters vs. Leavens slaughterhouse in November doesn’t offer me that choice since I live in the red 45th.

  2. Ted Lawrence
    June 2, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    I think you are both wrong, although I understand the point. The fact is that only a Republican can win this seat and I think Mimi Walters attacks on Greg Raths for following orders in the military to serve in the Department of Defense under Bill Clinton are so outrageous that every Democrat should vote for Raths even though he is just as far to the right as she is. But to say Raths should have refused his assignment is like saying that a soldier on D-Day should have refused to go if they didn’t like FDR’s politics and it means that on simple constituent service requests, Mimi Walters won’t treat Democrats the same way she treats Republicans. It’s not a good choice, but vote for Raths to send a message that Orange County Democrats at least have to be treated with respect.

  3. Robert Lauten
    June 3, 2014 at 6:44 am

    A Greg Raths vs. Mimi Walters race creates the opportunity to force both of them to take a position on the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP.
    From the Left:
    From the Right:
    Stopping the TPP is the only issue that Democrats can use to be relevant.
    The OC Register had 4 editorials supporting the TPP.
    Drew Leavens says nothing about the TPP.
    All websites at

  4. RHackett
    June 3, 2014 at 11:54 am

    “Well, I have an autographed photo from Baywatch actress Erika Eleniak wishing me “all her love” ”

    Could you post that please?

    By far the most interesting part of this post. 🙂

  5. Sherree
    June 3, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Thanks for the straight dope about Ali Salehi. I considered voting form him, His technology to engage Constituents in the legislative process intrigued me. In the end, I voted for Drew Leavens who may not win, but what can I say? I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2007 Chicago primary knowing she would lose to then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

  6. Dan Chmielewski
    June 3, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    I’d rather post the one with William Shatner.

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