The Real Supervisors of OC website exposes corruption among OC Supervisors

RealSupervisorsOfOCOn Wednesday, a new website was launched detailing the influence of campaign contributions on Orange County Supervisors and highlighting the corruption that has been the subject of investigations by the Orange County Grand Jury. The new website is

RealSupesOCThe site covers the investigations, pay to play antics, cronyism, and perks enjoyed by what the Orange County Grand Jury has called a “Hotbed of corruption.” The site’s companion Facebook Page provides several facts about the Board that demonstrate the corruption hard working county workers face every day at the hands of these career politicians.

“In addition to their regular government pension, each politician on the Board of Supervisors receives a fully taxpayer-funded 401k retirement plan. Taxpayers pay 8 percent into this extra fund. Supervisors also pay nothing for their health insurance while county workers contribute to their health care each pay period. They even receive a $4,500 cash bonus every year. The money is supposed to be used for continuing education, but the Board of Supervisors does not have to provide any documentation to verify it was used for its intended purpose. They just receive the cash.”

“Politicians on the Board of Supervisors County Supervisors feast on a banquet of perks in addition to their base salaries each year. They each rake in approximately $200,000 a year in salary and benefits. And in January, they took another raise at the same time as they planned to cut services for our community and pay for rank and file workers. And they took their raise retroactive to July!”

The front page of the Real Supervisors of OC site, which was launched by county workers, presents a 30 second video ad that we are hearing is already running on TV.

Check out the website for all the details.

  2 comments for “The Real Supervisors of OC website exposes corruption among OC Supervisors

  1. Dave G.
    January 31, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    Geez, add another $150K or so in total annual compensation and they’ll be making almost as much as Bruce Channing, the City Manager of Laguna Hills, an enormous metropolis with a population of 30,344 . They are now making just a little less (all in) than Donald White, the Assistant City Manager of Laguna Hills. Plus, they’re making more than most CHP Officers. Of course, it’s not all milk and honey, they’re making less than 28 Santa Monica Police Officers and several OC lifeguards:

  2. Robert Lauten
    February 2, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    John Moorlach is running for Congress, — but no “Issues” page.
    45th District, – John Campbell in not running for re-election.

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