So much for “Leadership” from Nguyen and Bates

Supervisor Janet Nguyen (Campaign photo)

Supervisor Janet Nguyen (Campaign photo)

Voice of OC reports this morning that County Supervisor’s Patricia Bates and Janet Nguyen are unlikely to take their previously scheduled leadership roles on the Board of Supervisors for 2014. Supervisor Bates is currently the Vice Chair of the Board of Supervisors and, based upon long-term practice, was scheduled to take over as Chair this year. Also based upon that rotation schedule, Supervisor Nguyen was to take on the role of Vice Chair.

But according to the Voice of OC story, the best laid plans of the two women on the Board have been allegedly been thwarted by their desire to seek a different elected office. Both supervisors are running for State Senate in different Orange County districts. Usually elected officials relish the opportunity to add to their titles leadership roles while seeking higher office. Supervisor Bates told Voice of OC:

“I think that if possible, we’ll keep the status quo being that we are involved in a lot of issues, given that continuity is important.”, Bates said. “It’s driven more in my mind by the continuity — we are in negotiations. We have reached impasse.”

OC Supervisor Pat Bates Photo: Chris Prevatt, TheLiberalOC

OC Supervisor Pat Bates Photo: Chris Prevatt, TheLiberalOC

It’s more likely that given the ongoing corruption investigations and back-room deals given to contractors—who fund their campaigns—that these two leaders are trying to distance themselves from the negative public impression of the job performance of the County Board of Supervisors. They likely feel that if they are not in leadership roles they will not be tainted with the disgusting stench of corruption that they have helped generate over their years in office.

We can only hope that the public won’t be fooled by their duck-and-cover antics and see them for the self-dealing politicians they really are.

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  1. jose s.
    January 28, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    lets not forget janet nguyens also a communist who did a whole photo shoot surrounded by other communists when they protested in front of our friend the bolsaviks work. she needs to get out of politics and do what she does best: make unsanitary sandwiches.

    • January 28, 2014 at 12:49 pm

      She isn’t a communist. Weak salsa

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