Lorri Galloway’s Campaign for Mayor Officially Launches


Lorri Galloway

Lorri Galloway

It’s probably one of the slickest political websites you’ll see, so go there now and check out the website for  Anaheim’s Lorri Galloway.  She has officially launched her bid to become Anaheim’s first female Mayor with the kick off of www.lorrigalloway.com.

There’s quite of bit of Galloway’s backstory with details on her parents, her 40-year marriage to her husband Mike, photos of her daughters and their husbands and children and their long career of helping those in need.  What’s most impressive is the page of video endorsements that is sure to grow over the coming months.

Galloway’s theme is create, commit, and collaborate with a focus on small business growth, neighborhood improvement and bringing together stakeholders to find common ground.

Here’s her welcome letter:

My simple reply, “It’s time Anaheim.”

It’s time for our city to come together and elect a Mayor who not only can unify and build consensus, but a mayor who can inspire. We need a Mayor who can identify with the people in Anaheim Hills, but whose heart and work is deeply entrenched with the people in the flatlands. We need a Mayor with a heart of service and a love for people that trumps any desire for power, money, or influence. A mayor who understands how fortunate our city is to have one of the world’s greatest resort areas, a treasure that we must recognize and support. We need a Mayor whose mixed heritage aligns with the amazing diversity of our city form the East Hills to the West End. One whose prior leadership has shown that it can stand in the face of adversity and will choose to stand for those who can barely walk. However, more than anything else, we need a Mayor who is faithful, fair and worthy of your trust.

Your support would mean the world to me. With your support, we can improve the three key areas that matter most to our entire community: creating a business friendly environment and welcoming new business to Anaheim, committing to our neighborhoods, and collaborating to improve our city’s recreational areas.

Together we can create a better way.