Great Park Forensic Auditor Wants Another Contract

Christina Shea

HSNO, the forensic auditor that seems incapable of asking written questions to various Great Park contractors, is seeking a new $400,000 contractor for Phase II of the Forensic Audit of the Great Park and subpoena power to compel questions from key Great Park contractors.

This is firm that could not complete the original contract on time, stated items before the council that never appeared in the written document, promised to submit questions in writing, and was untruthful in saying key park contractors refused to cooperate with them.

The public relations firm of Forde & Mollrich and Ken Smith have stated they are happy to answer written questions from the auditor, who didn’t contact either of them until a week before the firm’s original late-October deadline.  The Phase II aspect of the contract appears to be a no-bid contract or a sole sourced one and Council member Christina Shea, who pushed hard for the contract extension for the auditors, appears to be in a hurry to sign them up for Phase II.

After the last council meeting, the City Council directed up to 45 days before further City Council direction on an extension of the audit, presumably to wait for staff reports and analysis on the auditor’s work.  Shea is blowing through protocol and council policy to have agendized this item and greenlight another $400,000 during the council meeting held concurrent with President Obama’s State of the Union address to minimize participation of residents who don’t see things her way.

The scope of the new $400,000 Phase II audit is undefined and it quite simply a taxpayer funded witch hunt to reveal nothing that hasn’t been public before.



  3 comments for “Great Park Forensic Auditor Wants Another Contract

  1. Ryan Cantor
    January 27, 2014 at 11:07 am

    “The Phase II aspect of the contract appears to be a no-bid contract or a sole sourced one . . .”

    “The scope of the new $400,000 Phase II audit is undefined . . .”

    Great. It’ll be just like it was part of the Great Park!

    Selective outrage much, Dan-o?

  2. Ltpar
    January 27, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    Dan, be thankful the proposal is for a continuation of the non-criminal investigation rather than the FBI entering the case, seizing boxes of records from the City, Great Park Corp, Forde & Moolrich, Larry Agran and a host of other Vendors. While I am not wild about spending another $400 K on this mess, with the refusal to cooperate by some participants, I understand the Council’s action. In the end, whether it be a Civil Investigation or one of a Criminal nature, the truth will come out. When that happens, I am pretty sue that the political careers of the Agranistas will be finished.

  3. Henry Lipton
    January 27, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Wont a criminal investigation be initiated by a civil investigation if something really hinky sticks out? Im trying to figure out why no one involved in the Great Park and or Janet Nguyen haven’t been taken into custody by the FBI yet. I mean seriously what needs to happen before someone claps the irons on these people?

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