Glasky sworn in as IUSD Trustee Tonight; Petition for Special Election Underway


Ira Glasky will be sworn in at tonight’s Irvine Unified School Board meeting.  We’ve written before that Glasky is a well qualified candidate who brings considerable experience and passion to education and we support his appointment.

But someone isn’t happy with the board’s decision.  A petition drive to hold a costly special election is underway and it appears that those behind the effort want to be kept anonymous.  The tagline on the website says “The Voters and Not the Politicians Should Decide Who Represents the Students and Taxpayers.”  And if it was an election season, I’d agree.  But there was no election; Glasky was appointed within the rules of the district.  If an election had occurred and a trustee was elevated to city council, we’d argue for the appointment of the next highest vote getting in the most recent election, but that’s not the case here.

To hold a special election would cost the district in excess of $400,000; that’s more than was raised at the IPSF Gala two months ago and the election would be held no sooner than May 2014 with the seat Glasky will hold being up for election in November 2014.  If the goal is to replace Glasky before he can vote for the new high school site, that’s not going to happen because the board will vote before a special election can even be called.

IUSD has progressives, moderates and conservatives on the Board; they work well together with a minimum of politics to advance education in Irvine so that the teachers, administrators, students and parents have the education possible considering the low state funding we get regularly.

So whoever is behind this petition drive really isn’t pro-education in Irvine; a special election six months in advance of a regular election is a waste of money.  At least have the backbone to stand up and identify yourselves as being behind the effort.  This is a shame to Glasky.  His family donates countless hours to the schools and the community so he clearly understands the issues our district faces and his legal background is an asset to the district.

Simply put; if you’re in Irvine and you’re pro-education, don’t sign the petition.

  2 comments for “Glasky sworn in as IUSD Trustee Tonight; Petition for Special Election Underway

  1. Don and Sandi May
    December 13, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Well said Dan. Clear, concise and accurate reporting doesn’t happen often these days. Thank you.

  2. Ltpar
    December 14, 2013 at 3:57 am

    Looks to me like we have a sore loser trying to generate another chance for themself. Anyone who would opt to spend 400K on a Special Election for a short term Board Member, goes to the end of the line on my voting list for the future. Glasky seems to be highly qualified and the School District did an open and thorough examination of replacement candidates. Now, let the Board get back to running the schools and let’s save the politics until November 2014.

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