Illinois Legalizes Gay Marriage

Simpsons on Gay Marriage

Simpsons on Gay Marriage

16 States down, 34 to go as Illinois approved same sex marriage today.  Nearly one-third of the states have approved same-sex marriage with today’s news.  Here’s the details from the LA Times:

Illinois has joined 15 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing same-sex marriages after Gov. Pat Quinn signed the legislation today.

The signing, in front of a wildly cheering crowd at the University of Illinois, had been expected after the House gave final passage to the bill earlier this month. The law becomes effective June 1.

Surrounded by dignitaries including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Gov. Quinn started by asking for silence for the six residents of his state who died recently in severe storms that swept through the Midwest. “In our great country we are all in this together,” he said, setting the tone of cooperation that marked the celebration of the law.

There was a mood of euphoria as public officials praised efforts by grass-roots groups to pass the law. The theme among the officials is that the state has finally taken a long-overdue step in extending civil rights to gays.