Sukhee Kang Book Signing at UCI Saturday

Sukhee Kang

Sukhee Kang

Former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang was the first Korean-American Mayor of a major US city when he was elected in 2008.  He, an a progressive council majority, guided Irvine through the worst of the lingering bad Bush economy without cutting services or raising taxes.  In addition, he championed Irvine’s iCHIP program that helped match up needy families with various state and federal programs to help identify children for healthcare services.

Kang has written a book entitled “The Power of Possibility: My American Journey.”  He will have a book signing on Saturday, October 26, from noon to 2PM at UC-Irvine’s University Club at 801 E. Peltason Drive.  Email Joanne Kang @ to tell them you’re coming to the event.

Kang is well liked and respected by all quarters of the Irvine community and in particular, the city’s Korean-American community.  In my discussions with some of my neighbors, many believed they were voting for Kang while they actually cast a ballot for current Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, who lacked the class to invite Kang to Irvine’s Korean-American Festival earlier this year.

Since Choi seems to intent on dismantling the progress made by Kang and Beth Krom, during her term as mayor, there are a number of people in Irvine encouraging Kang to challenge Choi for Mayor in 2014.  Choi’s greatest fundraising tool has always been Sukhee Kang’s list of supporters.  A Kang/Choi race for Mayor would effectively split the Korean-American voting bloc in Irvine.

Kang is yet to be convinced but one gets the sense there’s a “Never Say Never” spirit that exists in someone who was an outstanding Mayor.