Lalloway Resigns from Irvine Community Land Trust Board

Jeffrey Lalloway, Irvine City Councilman

Jeffrey Lalloway, Irvine City Councilman

Tipsters were telling TheLiberalOC that Irvine Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Lalloway was kicked off the board of directors of the Irvine Community Land, an organization dedicated to managing affordable housing in one of the most expensive cities in Orange County in which to live.  For the tipsters, you’re half right.  Lalloway resigned from the Board according to Mark Asturias, Irvine CLT Executive Director.

Lalloway missed the May and June meetings of the Organization, which is led by fellow Republican council member Christina Shea.  No minutes were provided for a July meeting and the organization does not meet in August, but the website detailed the July meeting and Lalloway was present, and the last meeting of the ICLT in July was at the height of tensions between the current Mayor Pro Tem and the former Mayor Shea who has cast votes that didn’t make Lalloway happy.

There is no word on who might replace Lalloway of the Board which, besides Shea, consists of Mary Ann Gaido, Scott Darrell, Nancy Donnelly, Joyce Monaco and Patrick Strader.

The organization’s bylines stipulate that any board member can be removed for a number of reasons and one of them is missing three board meetings in a row as grounds for removal.  Lalloway’s attendance at the meetings, while not perfect, did not rise to the standard that would warrant his removal.  Lalloway represents Irvine on the OCTA, the Orange County Sanitation District, the Orange County Housing Authority Advisory Committee, and the Newport Bay Watershed Advisory Executive Committee. He also serves as the Chairman of the Great Park Corporation.

For those interested in the ICLT, here’s more detail from their website.  A community land trust (CLT) is an independent nonprofit organization created to oversee affordable housing and preserve it for future generations.

Under the CLT Homeownership model, the CLT owns the underlying land and sells the houses to individual homeowners at affordable prices. A CLT also leases land to affordable rental housing developers and restricts the rents they charge through a ground lease. Currently the ICLT is leasing many units for affordable rental housing and is working with its current partners to develop many rental units. 

For ownership housing, the CLT enters into a 99-year, renewable ground lease with each homeowner which gives the homeowner exclusive use of the land and nearly all of the benefits of traditional homeownership. On a daily basis, CLT homeownership is no different than traditional homeownership, except that that the monthly housing costs will be significantly lower than if a market-rate home had been purchased. In exchange for the benefit of a below-market rate purchase price, CLT homeowners acknowledge that their housing investment will appreciate at a different rate than their market rate neighbors. The future sales price of the home is restricted by the resale formula that is described in the ground lease. This system allows future households of modest means to be able to achieve the dream of homeownership without the need for ongoing investment of new public funding.

The CLT model of homeownership is growing rapidly. Today in the United States there are over 5,000 CLT homes under stewardship by nearly 200 different land trusts. More and more communities are attracted to CLTs, as a means of providing permanently affordable homeownership. The CLT model balances the interests of individual homeowners in housing stability and equity generation with the public interest in preserving public resources. Similarly, CLT’s addresses the needs of renters by ensuring permanent affordability of rental housing units.

I’ve been told several times that half of the available housing in Irvine is made up of apartments and other rental units.  Irvine draws a number of young professionals and young families seeking a safe city, great schools and a healthy local economy.


  3 comments for “Lalloway Resigns from Irvine Community Land Trust Board

  1. Ltpar
    September 18, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Dan, I am advised that Jeff Lalloway did in fact miss three meetings and would have been kicked off the Land Trust Board, had he not resigned. He obviously took the graceful departure. I have also heard a rumor that your amigo Larry Agran has an interest in removing Lalloway from the Fire Authority Board, because of his flip flops on the reimbusment issue. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Christina Shea in that position, but not sure if she would support removing Lalloway, despite his antics. As the say, “It’s just another day in Paradise.”

  2. Dan Chmielewski
    September 18, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    You have to miss meetings without an excuse Pat. The purpose of this piece is to let rumor mongers know we don’t just run with any story you call us about but we check things out. In this case, I got wind of this from friends who attended the dedication ceremony for the Northwood Community Center which I’m told Lalloway did not attend. I made some calls, reviewed the records and the minutes and noted Lalloway missed two meetings; the July minutes haven’t been approved. But I’m not going to go with a “Lalloway got kicked off the board” story when that isn’t the case. Not that showing you actual fact would every change your mind (vis-à-vis when Shea is documented at being untruthful) but I regress.

    I would love to see Agran, Krom, or Kang join this board, and it’d be fun to see Katherine Daigle on the board just to watch the dynamic between Daigle and Shea on the board. I’d go to meetings, sell popcorn and wait for fireworks.

  3. Katherine Daigle
    September 18, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Hi Dan, funny you should mention that. I am very interested in gaining more knowledge about the boards and committees in Irvine.

    The Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT) , The Great Park, Water, IUSD, Building & Planning, Transportation are very important. To serve the community and give back in those areas that you are educated and have the “right stuff”, is truly meaningful.

    My position with the WVA , my legal background in real estate, collections & finance, and volunteering with Legal Aid-OC , the donor committee (Lakeview) and finance committee should provide the commitment and knowledge necessary to get the job done. What is a better measure of integrity than to say what you mean and do what you say, not just give lip service.

    I would love to be considered, where is that application, filling it out as we speak?

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