Obama to make the case for a military strike against Syria tonight


Support in Congress and among the war-weary American public for military action against Syria is tepid at best, but President Obama will make the case that the US needs to act when he speaks to the American people tonight.  You can watch it live by going to  http://www.whitehouse.gov/Live.

We’ve been monitoring comments from our Syrian friends on Facebook and they want the US to act to stop Assad.  Here’s some examples of what’s being said:

“Powerful words by Secretary of State John Kerry during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in Syria Military action: “Are you going to be comfortable w/Assad gassing his people once again if we don’t do anything? Because that’s what’s at stake here. I can’t answer every ‘what if’ question regarding what might happen if we do intervene, but I know what will happen if we don’t.”

“Praying for the innocent beautiful children in Syria to have a safe place to sleep, enough food to eat, someone who loves them close by, and strength and hope to fill them and carry them through these horrible times. My heart is aching constantly for them.”

More than one million children have fled Syria as violence has increased.  The Bush administration used the fact Saddam Hussein had gassed his own people as a justification for going to war.  Now I see conservatives criticizing the president for being cautious and insisting if he does a military strike without consulting Congress, he has committed an impeachable offense.  Pick one.

War is never the answer.  As a citizen, I want details about targets, expectations of loss of life, and impact on what the strike does to hurt Assad’s ability to hurt his people further.  The United States acted to stop genocide in Kosovo and Iraq.  What do you think is the best course of action in Syria?



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  1. Robert Lauten
    September 10, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Definitely impeach President Barack Hussein Obama II if he does a military strike without explicit authority from Congress, (“consulting Congress” is not enough).
    Representative Loretta Sanchez is leaning “No” on the Obama/Boehner war drive to destabilize the Mid-East.
    Rep. John Campbell is leaning “No”. The 4 Republican for the June 2014 Primary are silent. There will be a Democrat for the retiring John Campbell’s seat. All 5 want to be elected but won’t take a stand.

    Ed Royce is silent and his 2012 opponent Jay Chen is silent.
    http://www.politics1.com for the all politician’s and challenger’s contact information

    http://www.google.com enter
    “Obama + destabilizing the mid-east” and
    “Obama + Christians + gas attack”
    (“Anti-War Activist!” for “Intervention”) REALLY ???

  2. Robert Lauten
    September 10, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    Fake pictures Syrian gas attack victims

    “Russia says the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) has confirmed that the videos and photos purporting to show the victims of a chemical attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus, were fabricated.”
    “It also said evidence provided by numerous witnesses confirms that militants fighting against the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of western Ghouta last month.”

    “The participants in the UN Human Rights Council session warned of the consequences of a military strike against Syria, noting that such an attack would constitute a crude violation of international law.”

    “The US administration has been using the footage and the photos in question to lobby for a military strike on Syria.”
    More ….

    Impeach Obama – Recall Speaker of the Hose John Boehner (R 8th Ohio)

    • September 10, 2013 at 4:12 pm

      The pictures are fake….because Russia says so? Ha!

  3. Allan Bartlett
    September 10, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    The best of both worlds is happening on this issue. We’re not going to another war in the Middle East and Obama looks like an idiot. Couldn’t have scripted this any better.

  4. Robert Lauten
    September 10, 2013 at 4:09 pm
  5. September 10, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Actually, Obama doesn’t look like an idiot; that would be the previous administration that said Iraq had WMDs and launched us into an unbudgeted war that will cost us upwards of $4 trillion by the time it’s done. Obama is seeking Congressional approval as he should. Its the Republicans in Congress — so pro-war for Bush — who look like hypocrites

    BTW Allan, saw a Rand Paul 2016 bumper sticker in Irvine last week; made my laugh my head off

  6. Robert Lauten
    September 10, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Fake Film
    “US military adventurism in Syria suicidal: Webster G. Tarpley”
    “Generally speaking, the rebels have been in a kind of a slow motion route, so they are desperately depending on foreign intervention. They need the United States to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. Without US intervention, they’re doomed.

    So, everybody knows with this ‘red line’ stuff going on, the only way you can get the United States to start bombing Syria is to mount a fake provocation. I would refer people to the Voltaire Network website where we have these indications that the film that was posted on YouTube before the so-called incident was supposed to take place.

    If you look at the internal evidence of these films, you’ll see that there are many things that seem strange, for example some of the victims don’t show the symptoms of sarin poisoning. I won’t go into this now because it’s quite graphic. But if you go and look at the symptoms of somebody dying of sarin, you’ll see that there are some very messy ones that are not shown in any of these films. “

    The Voltaire Network website
    “Western rationality”
    by Thierry Meyssan
    (see 7 point Summary at end of article)

    “Identification of the dead children in Ghouta”

    “Contrary to the sayings of the Free Syrian Army and the Western services, the only identified victims of the Ghouta massacre are those belonging to families that support the Syrian government. In the videos, the individuals that show outrage against the ’’crimes of Bashar el-Assad’’ are in reality their killers.”

  7. Robert Lauten
    September 11, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Obama need to shut-up and stop sabotaging Putin’s peace plan for Syria.
    The Peace Plan:
    The peace plan requires Syria to unilaterally place it’s chemical weapons under U.N. control.
    (I’m assuming that President Assad is satisfied d that the U.N. won’t turn over the chemical weapons to the rebels).
    What Obama needs to do:
    President Vladimir Putin told Russia Today:
    The disarmament plans “will work out only if the U.S. and those who support it on this issue pledge to renounce the use of force, because it is difficult to make any country, Syria or any other country in the world, unilaterally disarm if there is military action against it under consideration”

    Obama need to:
    Obama must stop asking for the authority for a targeted strike against Syria.
    Obama must stop arming the rebels either directly or indirectly.
    Congress needs to:
    Impeachment proceedings start in the House.
    The Republican House majority need to draw up an Article of Impeachment to be executed if Obama used military force against Syria without the express authorization from Congress.
    Any Congressional authorization must be a Roll Call vote so that The People can identify the lunatics).

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