DPOC Announces Honorees for 19th Annual Truman Award Dinner

truman1The Democratic Party of Orange County announced in a press release yesterday the honorees for the 19th Annual Truman Award Dinner scheduled for October 19, 2013.

This year we are proud to have Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro serving as our keynote speaker. Congressman Castro has been a courageous, dynamic and forward thinking leader. He is a true inspiration for Democrats in Orange County because of his leadership on immigration reform and moving Texas closer to the blue column. We are especially pleased to have California Congressman Raul Ruiz, who was highlighted in our August Newsletter, introducing Representative Castro.

Today we are proud to introduce…

Harry S. Truman Award
Hon. John A. Perez
Speaker, California State Assembly

Samuel Gompers Labor Award
Jim Adams
LA/OC Building and Construction Trades Council

Richard J. O’Neil Lifetime Acheivement Award
Monika Broome
Democrats of North Orange County

William “Gus” Ayer Environmental Award
William “Gus” Ayer (posthumously)
Former Mayor, Fountain Valley
The Honorable Debbie Cook
Former Mayor, Huntington Beach

Social Justice Award
Tefere Gebre
Executive Director, Orange County Labor Federation

For more information about the dinner or purchase tickets visit the event webpage here.

  2 comments for “DPOC Announces Honorees for 19th Annual Truman Award Dinner

  1. Truth Teller
    August 30, 2013 at 10:46 am

    Who the hell decides the award winners, especially the Samuel Gompers Award! THey are honoring one of the jerks who supports the TOT giveaway in Anaheim taking resources away from working poor Flatlands residents while the rich live large in the Hills. That is not progressive values. There are plenty of others to honor in Labor like Gloria Alvarado, Berny Enriquez or Anna Cabral and they choose this schmuck!?

  2. OC_Friend
    October 7, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    The honoree you speak of has stood up for more than 50 years for good jobs.

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