Is Assembly Candidate Philip Chen Misleading Voters ?


Republican assembly candidate Philip Chen features a nice photo of himself in his Los Angeles County reserve sheriff’s uniform on his campaign website as he runs for AD-55 which includes significant chunks of LaHabra, Yorba Linda, Brea and Placentia.  Chen is using the misleading photo of himself in his law enforcement uniform when his day job is Health Care expert to Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich and an instructor at USC.  The choice of the photo with the law enforcement uniform is a curious one for a candidate who already has a favorable title as a school board member for the Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD) for a run for assembly.

But by appearing in a uniform and letting voters connect the dots to his LA Sheriff’s Department reserve status (what other kind of cop could he be), Chen has likely violated a standard that peace officers follow that forbid them from using photos of themselves in uniform when running for office.

Chen’s campaign office told the LiberalOC that the candidate was in full compliance with all the rules.  Calls to the LA County Sheriff’s office for comment haven’t been returned.  But in chatting with OurTownTustin blogger Jeff Gallagher, an Orange County peace officer, Chen’s actions are a clear violation of the rules even though Chen’s reserve officer status is volunteer.

You’d think running for Assembly as an elected school board member would be enough, but Chen must believe law and order are his ticket to the top two next June.  Let’s see if LASD makes him change his photo or drops his status as a reserve deputy.