Irvine Democratic Club Starts Up on Sunday

The Democratic Party of Orange County is helping to organize a new Irvine Democratic Club to organize and get an early start on building a strong base of new voters, recruit new candidates and mobilize to start the Tea Party Republicans who control our City Council majority from dismantling the quality of life and progressive programs Irvine has been known for since 2001.

Mayor Steven Choi and Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Lalloway are working on an austerity based program that would dramatically cut programs to the arts, for legal aid and programs at the Great Park that benefit Irvine families.  They already given a gift of public funds totally nearly $800,000 to builders and developers by freezing fees for permits below the city’s cost to process this documentation even though no one asked for this cut/freeze.

Here are the details for the meeting; come and make sure you sign up to take our city back.

Please join us Sunday, June 23 @ 3:00pm to help start the New Irvine Democratic Club!

With right-wing ultra-conservatives now in control of the City Council, we have already seen the rapid dismantling of city services and quality of life that Irvine has been known for.

Now, more than ever, we need your support within the Irvine community to help return the city on the forward-thinking path that has earned national recognition.

If you are tired of the Neanderthal thinking of the tea party majority, join your like-minded neighbors and help us turn the city around!

This is an organizational meeting and we’ll be nominating and electing temporary officers to get the club started.

Where: Rancho Senior Center, 3 Ethel Coplen Way, Irvine, CA 92612


See you there!