Irvine Safest City in America for 9th Year in a Row — Under Progressive City Council


The City of Irvine announced today that for the ninth straight year, the FBI has named it the “safest city in America.” And the current Republican council majority which is so fast to take credit for everything they do, no matter how basic, should take note that the stats were through 2012..when Republicans had a majority for exactly 20 days.

Here’s the press release from the city’s website.

From the press release: “For the ninth consecutive year, the City of Irvine has reported the lowest per capita violent crime rate (murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault) for cities of greater than 100,000 in population.  In addition to this National distinction, 2012 was also the City’s record low for the per capita violent crime rate.”

Mayor Steven Choi chimed in on how proud he was of the Irvine PD’s record, but there’s that small matter of $100,000 taken from the city’s public safety fund this year to pay for an award Choi committed to during the Christopher Dorner manhunt — a reward not budgeted for or voted on by the city council until after Choi committed the funds. And the FBI stats blow all sorts of holes in the Irvine GOP’s claim of perverts roaming free in our parks, doesn’t it.

The fact of the matter, under a Democratic controlled council majority, Irvine maintaining a string of nine straight years as the safest city in America.  It’s a credit to the city’s police force, its diversity, it’s education system, and recreational opportunities that span from sports to the arts to parks to cultural activities.

Should Irvine lose it’s perch as the safest city in America in 2013, Choi and his Republican council cronies own it.  It’s still unclear how the Irvine PD will cover the $100,000 taken from its coffers.  With the coming austerity budget from the Republican majority, what are the odds of Irvine making it 10 years in a row?



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  1. Ltpar
    June 4, 2013 at 11:35 am

    Dan, here you are still blowing smoke and trying to take credit for something that the City Council had very little to do with. Irvine is America’s Safest City not because of the efforts of elected officials, either liberal or conservative, but rather because of the partnership developed between the Police and the Community Stakeholders. The foundation for this partnership was started in 1975, under the leadership of Police Chief Leo Peart and continued for the next thirty seven years. The politicans had very little to do with it except for approving budgets requested and staying the hell out of the way and letting the Police do their job. Over the years, Irvine moved up in the statistics of keeping crime low and was in and out of the Number 1 position many times both under conservative and liberal Councils. .

    While you like to blow the smoke for the Agranistas it is interesting to note that your boy Larry rewarded the Cops for their fine work by imposing a take away contract on them for the past four years including loss of the “Pay For Performance.” He only gave City Employees a pay raise in the election year to get their endorsement and support for his campaign. Nice to see however, that the voters did not fall for that old trick and refused to elect him as Mayor. With a little luck, Larry will get the same reception in 2014 when he has to run for Council again and we will be rid of him for good.

    Bottom line Dan is the creidt for Irvine’s Safety goes to the people in the trenches and not the politicans.

    • June 5, 2013 at 12:13 pm

      wow Pat, I’m sure we’re all pleased to know that Choi, Lalloway and Shea take their orders and budget directives from the police.

  2. Ltpar
    June 9, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Dan, I am capable of speaking for myself, so quit trying to put words in my mouth. The various Council’s including your BFF’s the Agranistas, staying out of the way and letting the Police do their job, is clearly not the same as taking orders from the Police Department. But you know that already, but your style is to try and muddy the water with your B/S. I see the new Council majority continuing to provide appropriate resources to Public Safety to continue the successful Police – Citizen Partnership. The only other area to consider is if the Cops are being compensated in appropriate ratio to the service they provide. In this respect, the new Council may have some philosophical shortcomings, but time will tell.

    • June 10, 2013 at 9:14 am

      The current council hates hate hates public employee unions Pat…you know, like the ones our police belong to. The police in Irvine will not be well served by this mayor or this city council. And you know it

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