Monthly Archives: March 2013

A Special Drinking Liberally Event Thursday March 28th

We have a special occasion this Thursday (March 28th). Our Favorite bartender, at Memphis at the Santora, Johnny Sampson, is retiring from the field of Beverage Service at Memphis. Johnny has been with us since the beginning of Drinking Liberally Orange County/Santa Ana.

Register Opinion Pages Offer Advice for GOP

  In spite of a public announcement of sorts about changes and “diversity” in its editorial pages, OC’s largest daily newspaper’s opinion pages have a Brokeback Mountain relationship with the GOP; they just can’t quit you Republicans which is why Sunday’s editorials featured not one but two editorials offering advice for the GOP on how…

OC Democratic Party Endorses Eight-seat Council Districts Plan for Anaheim

Last night the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) passed a resolution endorsing an eight-district plan for the Anaheim City Council. The resolution was the product of the work of the local Democratic Party’s Resolution Committee which was adopted by the Executive Board two weeks ago and sent to the Party Central Committee for consideration Tuesday evening.

Can Biometrics Solve Problem of Gun Violence?

In the wake of Newtown, CT, Christopher Dorner, the theater shooting in Colorado, Columbine and a host of other terrible shooting assaults on a defenseless public, there are calls for greater legislation to ban assault weapons and proposals to arm elemetnary school teachers and even janitors with weapons. A poll published last week in the…