Loretta Sanchez’s Holiday Card Arrives

Loretta Sanchez 2012 Holiday Card

Loretta Sanchez 2012 Holiday Card

Every year Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has people sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what theme she’ll use this year? For 2012 the wait is over, the card has arrived.

The card shows Sanchez and here husband Jack Einwechter, dancing along the edge of a cliff. The card’s message is somewhat politically serious this year. Its front reads:

“May you dance with joy this holiday season … (just not too close to fiscal cliffs).”

The printed version of the card is back by  popular demand, after testing an email only version. Approximately half a million holiday cards were mailed to registered voters in her district as well as to supporters.

“I’m glad to send some holiday cheer to my friends, family, and especially to my colleagues as we negotiate to resolve the fiscal cliff conundrum,” said Sanchez.  “Humor can be the best way to break the ice.  I hope this card gives everyone a chuckle.  Happy holidays!”

Below are some of the versions from prior years.

Sanchez Christmas Card.2011

Sanchez Christmas Card 2011


Sanchez Christmas Card 2010


Sanchez Christmas Card 2009


Sanchez Holiday Card 2006

Sanchez Holiday Card 2006

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  1. Noclib1
    December 13, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Several years ago, a staff member from Sanchez’s office helped me with a veteran’s issue for my dad, a WWII vet. Every year after that, her office sent my Dad a card until the year he died, and sent one to me as well, even though I don’t live in her district. She was the only member of Congress–Republican or Democrat–who took the time to thank my old man for his service. That’s a lot more than B1-Bob ever did. She’s a class act!

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