Kiger is #2

Relax readers, the #2 here isn’t Fullerton Council member Travis Kiger’s position in the last set of votes tabulated by the Registrar of Voters nor is it a euphemism for his political views that a number of Fullerton voters believe.  It’s his position in the short list of short time council members.  Kiger was elected in June and took office this July so when he steps down early next month, he will have served about six months on the council.

Conrad DeWitt holds the record for the shortest term having been elected in a late October special election in 1994 only to lose in November.  You can read all about it here. Kiger would hold the #2 spot on that list.  #2 is good if you’re a pencil, but not an elected official.

From Chris’s post this morning and a detailed one by Greg Diamond on The OrangeJuice blog, it appears Mr. Kiger is done and can go back to managing the FFFF blog.  While Jan Flory ran a great campaign against a negative mail storm from the Pro-Bushala side, we have to wonder if it was the moving speech by 12-year-old Alexander Keller that did Kiger in.  I’ve spoken to a couple of people on the pro-Kiger side that insist there is no way Alexander Keller wrote this speech himself and then spoke with those who assure me, he wrote every word.    What’s clear is that Kiger’s failure to address the comments made by a kid not old enough to shave revealed a character issue that motivated Fullerton voters to work hard to Flory.

In this regard, Flory’s victory is Alexander Keller’s too.  He stood up to some who allows anonymous bullying to occur online and made a difference in an important election.


Photo courtesy of The Fullertonian

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  1. Brat
    November 21, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    This guy Travis came to talk to us. Could not answer questions.. or would not. He just stared at us. It was a little creepy. Did not even try to answer and did not say he could not answer.. just stared.

    I also got the impression he had that “my mind is made up, I have an agenda… Don’t bother me with anything else.” attitude.

    Bad attitude for Fullerton… for anywhere.

  2. Sue Gianetti
    November 21, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    I believe all things have happened for a reason! And I will give credit to Mr. Alex Keller, what a brave young man!

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