2012 Endorsements from the Democratic Party of Orange County

As Orange County Democrats are preparing their vote-by-mail ballots, or finalizing their decisions, for the 2012 general election; I figured it might be helpful to share with you the Official Endorsements from the Democratic Party of Orange County.

Barack Obama

United States Senate
Dianne Feinstein

Yes on Proposition 30 – Protects funding for schools and local public safety
No on Proposition 31 – Permanent underfunding of education, health, and other vital services
No on Proposition 32 – Creates special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs
No on Proposition 33 – Auto insurance rate hike
Yes on Proposition 34 – Repeals death penalty and replaces with life without parole
Yes on Proposition 35 – Increases penalties for human trafficking
Yes on Proposition 36 – Reforms “Three Strikes” law
Yes on Proposition 37 – Labeling of genetically engineered foods
No on Proposition 38 – Munger initiative
Yes on Proposition 39 – Tax adjustment to fund clean energy programs
Yes on Proposition 40 – Referendum on State Senate district boundaries

Unites States House of Representatives
District 39 – Jay Chen
District 45 – Sukhee Kang
District 46 – Loretta Sanchez
District 47 – Alan Lowenthal
District 48 – Ron Varasteh
District 49 – Jerry Tetalman

California State Senate
District 29 – Greg Diamond
District 37 – Steve Young

California State Assembly
District 55 – Gregg Fritchle 
District 65 – Sharon Quirk-Silva
District 68 – Christina Avalos
District 69 – Tom Daly
District 74 – Robert Rush

Aliso Viejo City Council

Anaheim City Council 
Anaheim City School Board 
Centralia School District
Arturo Montez
Coast Community College Trustee
Jerry Patterson
Fullerton City Council
Garden Grove City Council
Garden Grove School Board
Huntington Beach CIty Council
Irvine City Council
Irvine Mayor
Irvine Unified School Board
Laguna Beach City Council
Laguna Woods Mayor 
Cynthia Conners
Orange City Council 
Larry Labrado
Robert Douglas
Rancho Santiago Community College Area 1
Jose Solorio
Rancho Santiago Community College Area 3
Nelida Yanez
Rancho Santiago Community College Area 5
Mark McLoughlin
Santa Ana City Council Ward 1
Santa Ana City Council Ward 3
Santa Ana City Council Ward 5
Roman Reyna
Santa Ana Unified School District
Myriam Tinajero
Westminister City Council
Sergio Contreras
Santa Ana Mayor 
Santa Ana Unified School Board 
South Coast Water District, Director
Wayne Rayfield
Westminister Elementary School District
Jo-Ann Purcell
Westminister Mayor