Anybody But Claudia – CREEPY PAC drops mail – Just in time for Halloween

SANTA ANA — Just in time for Halloween, a local political action committee, CREEPY, has dropped a factual hit piece mailer against Rancho Santiago Community College District candidate Claudia Alvarez.

CREEPY is the Committee for Responsible Excellence in Education for Parents and Youths which is a fine acronym for terms dropped by Alvarez cronies in criticizing anyone who questioned Alvarez in her capacity as a city council member.  Yes, we know quite a few details about the organization and the quiet way donations were solicited, primarily from Santa Ana residents who don’t believe Alvarez is fit to hold office as a result of her behavior over the past 18 months, but we’re not saying much to respect the privacy of those who contributed.  With few exceptions, almost every contribution was under $99.


Much of Alvarez’s bad behavior has cost the city tens of thousands of dollars, and leaving office (her city council seat) is going to hit the Mayor Pro Tem pretty hard in her pocket book.  The Rancho Board pays reasonably well for part-time work — not as much as a city council member with additional income through paid board seats, but well enough to augment her salary from the District Attorney’s office.

There are more details on the website

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  1. October 29, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    I love the acronym. Too bad we don’t have anything like that to combat Team Tustin. Hopefully, people week see the light and dump Claudia on her tukas. She won’t miss the money. DAs get paid well in this county.

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