New Video: Romney’s Strategy is Rooted in Dishonesty

The following press release, from the Obama for America campaign, dropped in our inbox this morning.

CHICAGO — On Wednesday night, Mitt Romney didn’t tell the American people the truth. He didn’t tell the truth about his $5 trillion tax cut weighted toward the wealthy. He didn’t tell the truth about his plan for Americans with pre-existing conditions. And he didn’t tell the truth about his plan and the President’s plan for Medicare.

As highlighted in Obama for America’s new web video, it’s clear in fact check after fact check that Romney’s strategy last night was rooted in dishonesty and short-term gains. Perhaps it’s because Romney knows his real plans would have devastating consequences for the middle-class. The American people deserve better than a leader who can’t be truthful with the people he serves.

In addition, Obama for America will release a series of short videos throughout the day on Friday highlighting Mitt Romney’s utter failure to tell the truth about hiring more teachers, investing in clean energy, outsourcing American jobs, and other issues that matter to middle class Americans.

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  1. Paco Barragan
    October 7, 2012 at 8:20 am

    “Still Voting For Mitt Romney?” – video documenting Romney’s various contradictory positions, in his own words.

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