What Some Would Call Lies

The founder of this little political blog, Mike Lawson, has been away from Orange County since December 2007. He still checks in on us periodically to see how we’re doing. Mike isn’t as politically involved as he used to be. He did however just move back to California, Berkeley to be precise, so I’m guessing that the political environment in Northern California will suck him back in after the arid political environment of Phoenix, Arizona.

Mike Lawson, Founder of TheLiberalOC.com

Mike sent me an email a couple months ago asking if he could interview me for his weekly podcast show “What Some Would Call Lies.” It took me a while to workout the technical aspects of sending him the audio he needed, and I’m proud to say he got the podcast posted this past week while I was at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

The podcast is called The Fools of April and it can be found at this link: http://whatsomewouldcalllies.com/simple-story/episode-43-the-fools-of-april-2/

Check it out. I gives a bit of history about TheLiberalOC and reminisces about the fun we’ve had over the years.