DNC2012 Thursday Agenda

Tonight is the final night of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Tonight, we’ll hear about the fundamental American values that drive President Obama’s decisions: that hard work and responsibility should be rewarded, that everyone should play by the same rules and everyone has a fair shot and a fair shake.

Civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis, will talk about the American values of progress and perseverance, and the duty we all have to protect our fundamental rights and ensure together that we continue the march forward toward a more perfect union.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, universally admired for qualities that transcend party or ideology – a dedication to fairness, a willingness to listen to different ideas, and a tireless commitment to the values that make us who we are as Americans, will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Senator John Kerry will offer a remarkably candid and tough-minded takedown of what a dangerous and naïve Romney-Ryan foreign policy would do to take America backward in a complicated world.

Admiral John Nathman (Ret.) will attest to the President’s fervent belief that we owe our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they have earned – no matter where or when they served.

Vice President Biden will highlight some of the toughest decisions the President has made, focusing on the character and courage needed to do so. He’ll also contrast the starkly different visions that President Obama and Romney will bring to the job, and will make a strong case for reelecting the President.

Finally, President Obama will do what Mitt Romney failed to do: honestly and clearly lay out his vision and plan to move America forward and restore the promise of middle-class security for all Americans.

Video: OFA released this morning a new video that lays out how the President has kept the promises he made in 2008. From cutting taxes for middle-class families to bringing about comprehensive health carereform to re-investing in education and infrastructure, President Obama haskept his promise to rebuild America for millions of families: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA2fCs-_fyo