OC Clerk Recorder Tom Daly under investigation for Sexual Harrassment

Tom Daly (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

OC Clerk Recorder and AD-69 candidate Tom Daly is the subject of an investigation into alleged sexual harassment in the Clerk Recorder’s office according to this story in the Voice of OC.

From the story, an anonymous letter, much like the ones that led to the firing and eventual arrest of County manager and Santa Ana city council member Carlos Bustamante, triggered the investigation.

An anonymous group, calling itself “concerned county employees,” sent the letter to Voice of OC and a variety of county offices, including that of Interim County Executive Officer Bob Franz.

The letter alleges that Daly has handed out promotions and engaged in inappropriate behavior with at least four female workers at the clerk-recorders’ office. The letter refers to the women as “Tommy’s Girls or Tommy’s Angels.”

“The inaction of the managers at the agency has led to a culture of mistrust, favoritism, cronyism and organizational manipulation. This inaction has also led to low morale district and fear throughout the department,” the letter reads.

Daly declined comment in the VOC story and hasn’t returned messages to TheLiberalOC for comment.

The VOC continued:

In each case, the letter states in excruciating detail how Daly has allegedly behaved inappropriately toward these women and also alleges that he showed favoritism toward them.

The letter does not accuse Daly of the same level of sex crimes that Bustamante has been charged with, which include sexual assault and false imprisonment. But it does state that Daly, who is referred to in the letter as “Uncle Tom,” has made excessive visits to the women’s cubicles, spent hours alone in his office with them and sent inappropriate text messages to them.

It states more than once that a woman has said Daly’s behavior “creeps her out.”

The letter goes on to state that Daly has intervened in disciplinary actions involving the women, paid for shopping trips with his county credit card and gotten them perks like tuition reimbursement.

Since the Bustamente case, groups of county workers have called on Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate the county, saying there are concerns that female workers who are being harassed have nowhere to go inside the county, given the political ties of the top-tier officials being accused of improprieties.

Given those concerns, officials close to the situation acknowledge that officials have now set up a three-tiered system involving county Human Resources, the Internal Audit Department and the county counsel to ferret out allegations like the ones being leveled at Daly.

Having attended Daly’s victory party on primary night in June, I met a number of his female staffers at the Clerk Recorder’s office who were there.  I asked them about some of the stories on other blogs in OC concerning charges of inappropriate behavior and my question was met with laughter.  But the Bustamante case has elevated the status on an anonymous letter.  In this case, specific charges of shopping trips on a county credit card would be easy for an auditor to show inappropriate charges on a county credit card or tuition reimbursement assistance.

Sources tell the LiberalOC that the Board of Supervisors are already queuing up possible replacements for Daly after November’s election where Daly is expected to easily defeat Republican Jose “Joe” Moreno for the AD-69 seat currently held by State Rep. Jose Solorio.  Dick Ackerman’s name mentioned is frequently mentioned as the leading appointment candidate for the seat.  Our source tells us that termed out Supervisor John Moorlach wants to use the office of County Clerk to take a stand against same sex marriage.

Regardless of the outcome, the investigation into charges on Daly should be done as quickly as possible in order to and the findings made public so the residents of Orange County know what if anything is amiss in the Clerk Recorder’s office and that the voters of AD-69 can make a fully informed choice when they go to the polls in November.

  5 comments for “OC Clerk Recorder Tom Daly under investigation for Sexual Harrassment

  1. wow
    August 25, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Is this the same three tiered system that buried the Bustamante report for over a year? In a normal county the DA could come in and investigate. Orange County is not normal. A “Dem” in a normal county would not have a campaign in excess of a million dollars run on their behalf by the chamber. Hopefully when the true Tom Daly comes to light Dan will reevaluate his endorsement. Oh and where was Jordan Brandman during this period? He was an administrative manage for Tom and if he was actually at work and not campaigning he should have been protecting these women from his boss. Another day, another County elected being exposed as sexual predator. What a great County!!!!

  2. Pedroza for City Council
    August 25, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Bet Chris Leo is breathing a big sigh of relief he left county employment after screwing allegedly screwing around with staffers. Lou did the right thing

  3. dempatriot
    August 27, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Troubled to see the desperate Republican County of Orange leadership putting on a big rush and scramble to find a Dem to bash and divert attention from John Moorlach’s failed leadership and mis-management of the County of Orange massive sexual abuse/assault of women scandal that leads all the way to the top floor of the Hall of Administration.

    Anonymous letter about a Democratic nominee on the ballot for the California Assembly in just 10 week? What timing, bravo Big John! Pathetic and your despicable actions and abuse will be revealed.

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    August 27, 2012 at 10:31 am

    we’re told that Daly doesn’t have a county credit card. If that is true, there’s part of the story unraveling.

  5. dempatriot
    August 27, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    Corrupt John Moorlach has announced that the board of supervisors will announce today who the “neutral, unbiased” law firm is that will conduct this investigation. Want to buy a bridge?

    Well, just visit the Registrar of Voters website tonight after the firm’s name is announced and look at all of the FPPC 460 campaign reporting forms for Moorlach, Campbell, Nelson, Nguyen and Bates – that firm or individual attorneys in the firm has likely made maximum campaign donations to one or all of them. Shocking you say! While you’re there, take note of all the donors to supervisors who are all County of Orange vendors. An example is the County of Orange $400,000/year Washington DC lobbist, Mr. McConnell who gives the maximum donation to all of the supervisors. You will recognize many of them. Just shocking! Got to have a trial before the lynching, right?

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