What not to do on camera when you’re an elected official

Dan Chmielewski wrote yesterday about the classic meltdown of Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez during Monday’s City Council meeting. What he missed in his story was covered later (last night) by Adam Elmahrek in his Voice of OC article Alvarez Alleges Conspiracy to Deny Her a Fourth Term. Adam deconstructs the Alvarez rant into its individual and refutable components, exposing the absolute lack of substance to her allegations made on camera.

Her rant, alleging conspiracies not in existence, is a prime example of why unhinged elected officials should never be given the opportunity to speak at the end of a long meeting, especially on camera. In addition to the theater of it all, should an elected official choose to rant about stuff, they should at least not make allegations that are easily proven false.

Elmahrek easily cleared up the allegations Alvarez made as simply being false.

For example, Alvarez alleged that City Manager Paul Walters had not authorized the hiring of an outside attorney to give an opinion on her desire to seek a fourth term.

FALSE! Walters signature on the contract was an easy find, in fact, it had already been disclosed months ago.

You can read the rest of  Award Winning Investigative Reporter Adam Elmahrek’s excellent breakdown of the Mayor Pro Tem’s conspiracy theories and the accuracy of her allegations here.

For the record, while I believe her antics are examples of what an elected official should not do; I want to thank Miss Alvarez for providing us with so much material to write about. You go Girl!