A Q&A with the City on the Madrid/Alvarez Lawsuit

Claudia Alvarez

Claudia Alvarez (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

TheLiberalOC conducted a brief interview with the City of Santa Ana’s Public Information Officer Jose Gonzalez and City Council member David Benavides early Tuesday regarding the Max Madrid lawsuit designed to provide a path to a fourth term for Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.

1.            Does the city plan to defend itself against the lawsuit filed by Max Madrid?

Yes; however, the City was not named in the lawsuit but it has retained special legal counsel from Richards Watson and Gershon to represent the city clerk in this matter.

2.            Are there any plans to remove Max Madrid as the parks and rec commissioner since he filed the lawsuit?

We don’t know of any plans, any action of this type would have to be on the agenda for a  public action at a council meeting.  Benavides told us discussion of the removal of this commissioner was premature.  The removal of Jeff Dickman from a city commission in 2010 happened within a short timeframe of his legal action against the city.

3.            Is the Mayor Pro Tem going to distance herself from the litigation and wait to see the final outcome before she decides to run or has she indicated that she will not run.

This question can only be answered by Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez.  

4.            If the Mayor Pro Tem does decide to run, will the rest of the council seek to have the Mayor Pro Tem title removed?

The City Council has not taken an official position on this matter.  Benavides believes this issue will be discussed by the full council in light of the significant amount of taxpayer dollars being spent and already spent on this matter.  And Alvarez may not have the support to withstand a second attempt to remove her from her position as Mayor Pro Tem (we’re betting even Carlos Bustamante will show up for that vote).

5.            Will the Mayor Pro Tem be allowed to sit in on any closed session hearings regarding this issue?

She has previously abstained from participating in closed sessions regarding this matter.

An attempt to reach Madrid for comment was unsuccessful.

  4 comments for “A Q&A with the City on the Madrid/Alvarez Lawsuit

  1. July 10, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    Try calling Lou Correa’s office. Doesn’t he hang out there?

  2. July 10, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    left voice mails; I’m sure he’ll say I am stalking him

  3. cook
    July 10, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Now that a lawsuit has been filed, and discovey would be ordered, the secrect report should become public, right?

    Why would the city defend the suit if it is a private matter between the lawyer and the unknown client?

  4. Dan Chmielewski
    July 11, 2012 at 9:25 am

    Cook — the report could still be sealed.

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