Quirk Silva Outraises Norby in Same Time Period for AD-65 Race

Sharon Quirk-Silva (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

It’s been a given that State Assemblyman Chris Norby would seek re-election and it was a sort of surprise when Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva threw her hat into the ring to challenge Norby.  But after a review of records, Quirk-Silva has topped Norby in fundraising on a straight Apples-to-Apples comparison.  Norby has a bigger warchest, but Quirk-Silva’s fundraising success sends a signal to traditional Democratic organizations that, yes she can beat Norby come November.

With the June primary just around the corner, Norby’s supporters are looking for a commanding win in a primary that just doesn’t have a lot of attention for Democrats.  Quirk-Silva is instead far more focused on the November election.  If the race is even close next week, it’s Quirk-Silva’s to lose in November with the presidential election bringing out committed Democrats to the ballot box.

Here are the details on Quirk-Silva’s fundraising for the past few months:

Sharon Quirk-Silva Outraises Incumbent Chris Norby

Mayor of Fullerton Shows Depth of Support in New 65th AD

Fullerton, CA – May 29, 2012 – Assembly candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva announced that her campaign has surpassed the $90,000 mark in money raised to date to defeat incumbent Chris Norby in the newly drawn 65th Assembly District.  This represents just three months of activity on behalf of the Quirk-Silva campaign.

Campaign filings released late last week disclose that Quirk-Silva raised over $62,000 in the same period that Norby raised $33,000. Quirk-Silva said, “I’m proud that so much of the support for my campaign has come from people who actually live in the 65th Assembly District and who can vote for me in November.” Campaign finance reports indicate that, while Quirk-Silva’s contributions under $100 totaled $6,504, Norby’s collections in that category amounted to only $569.

“We’re raising money from throughout the district and around the state,” said Quirk-Silva. “Chris Norby raises money from every special interest imaginable while being out of touch with the values of the hard-working families of this district.  I believe it is time to send career politicians the message that we want our elected officials to represent us, not their wealthy special-interest contributors.”

She went on to say, “Most of my donors share my message that the way Sacramento does business must be changed.  I am tired of the partisan bickering and a Legislature that is dominated by special interests and gridlock.  Like me, my donors feel the state is on the wrong track and are tired of the divisive partisan tactics of career politicians like Chris Norby.”

Sharon Quirk-Silva has spent most of her career in the classroom teaching elementary school. She is in her eighth year on the Fullerton City Council and is currently serving her second term as Council-elected Mayor.  She has a long history of standing up to the special interests to do what’s right for the working families of Fullerton and knows what needs to be done to make our state stronger.  Throughout her career, she has learned that it doesn’t take a Democrat or Republican to pave a street, fix a pothole or rebuild an aging bridge.  It takes people working together to find common ground and to take the necessary steps to solve complex problems.


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  1. Justin Hodson
    May 29, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Go get’em Sharon

    • May 29, 2012 at 10:52 pm

      She will. She will hold Norby off in Fullerton and cream him south of I-5.

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