Irvine Fundraiser for Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Assembly Race Tonight; Is Mrs. Norby’s Facebook Page Causing a Problem?

Sharon Quirk-Silva (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

Irvine city council member Beth Krom and former Assembly candidate Melissa Fox will host a fundraiser for Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva’s AD-65 candidacy in Irvine tonight from 6-8PM.

The the race for Assembly shaping up to a two horse race between Quirk-Silva and Norby, Republicans are putting a lot of pressure on Norby to crush Quirk-Silva in the primary.  Quirk-Silva is taking a longer term view and focusing on November instead of the June primary.  Here are the details for tonight:

Irvine City Councilmember Beth Krom and Melissa Fox host Irvine reception Mon., May 14, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

 To support Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva and her campaign for Assembly

Home of Melissa Fox 49 Bolinas  Irvine, CA, 92602 See map: Google Maps   Irvine City Councilmember Beth Krom and Melissa Fox invite you to a reception supporting   SHARON QUIRK-SILVA   Candidate for 65th District, California State Assembly   Monday, May 14, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.   at 49 Bolinas, Irvine, CA 92602   To RSVP and contribute online, click here, or reply to  •              714-745-9544     

Meanwhile, there are some interesting going-ons with the Facebook account of Norby’s wife Marta.  Greg Diamond of the Orange Juice blog has a post about this, but to drop the other shoe, those who know Mrs. Norby well say this is her Facebook page and the messages were not hacked.

Here’s a  screen grab from the page this weekend that has since been scrubbed:

  Martha Norby: mi esposo chris norby es muy egoista no quiso que yo fuera ala graduasion de su hijo porque el se fue con la ex esposa charlotte chai norby atte martha norby

Translated: my husband chris norby is very egotistical. He doesn’t want me to go to his son’s graduation because he is going with his ex wife charlotte chai norby..attention marth norby!/profile.php?id=100003388370847

  Martha Norby: sharon es la mujer perfeta para sacramento para assembrista i wanth you in sacramento call me!/sharonquirksilva

Translated: sharon is the perfect woman for Sacramento for an assembly woman.

Must have been an interesting conversation at the Norby house this weekend.