CA GOP: The Party of Yes – We Still Say No!

Assembly Republican leader Connie Conway and CA Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro ( Photo Credit, Manny Crisostomo, Sacramento Bee)

Last week the California GOP launched a statewide tour promoting their new slogan; “Party of Yes,” while simultaneously calling for a No vote on Governor Browns proposes tax initiative.

For years, Democrats have aptly portrayed the California GOP as the “Party of No.” As a general rule, the Republicans in the state legislature have marched in jackbooted lock step to oppose any proposed solutions to California’s budget problems other than those that cutting services to the poor, environmental regulation, and funding for education and healthcare. They have always been the “Party of Yes” for tax breaks for the  rich.

Republican legislative leaders Asm. Connie Conway and Sen. Bob Huff (representing a portion of OC) launched the tour calling for, unsurprisingly, a NO vote on Gov. Brown’s tax hike ballot measure.

The Sacramento Bee reported on the press conference the GOP leaders held beginning their whistle-stop tour of the state.

“Jerry Brown is turning in his signatures as we speak to make that (top tax rate) the highest rate in the country,” said California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro. “We think that’s the wrong way to go.”

Standing next to a “Party of Yes” banner proclaiming “yes” on jobs, solutions and tax relief, they said the governor’s plan would drive businesses and residents out of the state. They promoted their own budget proposal, which relies on deep cuts and one-time revenue maneuvers but does not raise taxes.

Del Beccaro wouldn’t say how much he expected the cash-strapped party to spend against the governor’s measure. “I’m not concerned about the cost,” he said. “We’re using alternative media. We’re out there with volunteers. We’re the party of volunteers, and we’re going to continue to pursue that.”

The SacBee story continues:

Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California, took particular issue with comments made at Thursday’s event by Assemblyman Jim Silva, R-Huntington Beach. The lawmaker said, “I’ve always felt that the people that work should live better than the people that don’t work.”

Silva was correct that California has a disproportionate share of the nation’s welfare-to-work recipients, largely because the state still provides aid to children after their parents have exhausted their own time limit. But Wright pointed to recent state cuts that have already shrunk the time limit to four years and dropped cash grants below 1988 levels.

“What they’re saying ‘yes’ to is additional cuts to education, health care and other vital services,” Wright said. “And what they’re saying ‘yes’ to are their millionaire backers.”

The GOP’s new slogan falls in the category of “If we say it often enough, maybe people will believe it’s true.” Watching the CA GOP weave their tortured web of fantasy I am left feeling in like Alice in Wonderland. I have fallen down a rabbit-hole into a GOP wonderland where YES means NO, and NO means YES.

Connie Conway is the Queen of Hearts, Bob Huff is the Cheshire Cat, Tom Del Beccaro is the Mad Hatter, and Jim Silva is the White Rabbit.