The REAL Chris Norby Web Site Debuts

Democrats are apparently taking tips from Republican campaigns to use wedge issues against their opponents and President Obama is certainly using the GOP’s war of women and the vast wealth of Republican candidate Mitt Romney to paint a narrative for voters.  It only makes sense this tactic might trickle down to a more local level and for the AD-65 race, it has with the debut for the website that exposes the real Chris Norby who’s running for re-election to the California assembly.

This site rips a page from the playbook of FFFF blogger Tony Bushala and simiply examines Norby’s record in the assembly.  From the site:

Assemblyman Norby has convinced himself he is a straight-shooter and is somebody who is willing to go against his party when needed. That’s how he will try to appeal to new voters in a newly-drawn Assembly District.   Moreover, when you hear Norby speak, and if you pay attention especially to what his most vocal backers are saying, you might even get the impression the man is a Libertarian.   If that is the case, why is Norby ranked by the California Republican Assembly with a score of 95% according to information on Project Vote Smart?   On the same website, the California League of Conservation Voters scores Mr. Norby at 5%. On the same page, the Sierra Club has given Chris Norby a whopping 0%. This is for a man whose district covers Coyote Hills, and who has also received donations from Chevron. Need we remind Mr. Norby that our last open space in the Assembly District is threatened, and our ground water needs cleaning?  

A tab on the sight takes readers to a series of articles that reveal Norby’s character.  Pretty compelling stuff.

1.Norby’s Trouble With Ethics  2.More Trouble With Norby’s Ethics  3. Norby’s 4th Marriage already on the rocks?  4.GOP’s Chris Norby’s Egregious FPPC Violation  5. Norby’s biggest Supporter Question his Judgment  6.Who’s Buying Norby Now? Insurance Companies. The same people that helped bring on Mike “So Messy” Duvall  7.Norby’s Accomplishments on Fullerton City Council: No Progress, Pension Spikes, and Father of the Water Tax  8.Norby’s Biggest Accomplishments as a County Supervisor: County Pension, Getting his Brother a Job with the County  9.Norby’s Hypocrisy: A Teacher who works against other teachers 10.Norby’s Work in Sacramento: We’re still waiting…

Meanwhile, voters in AD-65 have a solid alternative to Norby’s record.  Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva who has already racked up an impressive array of endorsments for the seat.  These supporters include:

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez,  State Senator Lou Correa,  Assemblyman José Solorio,  Assemblyman Tony Mendoza,  Anaheim Councilmember Lorri Galloway,  Anaheim School Board Trustee Jordan Brandman, Anaheim City School Trustee Dr. José Moreno, Former Buena Park Mayor Art Brown, Bell Councilmember Nestor Valencia, Brea City Councilmember Ron Garcia & Brett Murdock, Cerritos Mayor Joseph Cho, Fullerton Former Mayor Molly McClanahan, Fullerton Former Mayor Jan Flory, Fullerton School District Trustee Bev Berryman, Fullerton School District Former Trustee Minard Duncan, Garden Grove School Trustee Bao Nguyen, La Palma Councilmember Ralph Rodriguez, North Orange County Community College District Trustee – Michael Matsuda, Santa Ana City Councilmember Michele Martinez, and Santa Ana City Councilmember Sal Tinajero.