Lorri Galloway Issues Statement on “Let the People Vote”

Lorri Galloway

We received this statement below from Anaheim city council member Lorri Galloway.

Last Tuesday, three members of the Anaheim City Council voted to take my Mayor Pro Tem title away because I signed an initiative entitled, “Let the People Vote.”  In the past few days, I have received an amazing number of kind letters, emails, messages and phone calls of encouragement and support.  I want to thank all of you since I haven’t been able to personally get back to each and every one of you. 

City employees have been exceptionally compassionate and for that I am ever grateful.  This happened because I dare to spearhead “Let the People Vote” which will allow voters to decide whether or not they want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of public money for private hotel development.

The opposition claims our initiative is anti-growth and anti-jobs.  NOT TRUE!  The initiative will require that developers, who want to use public dollars, explain to voters how it will be a public benefit, and voters will decide whether or not the project will generate local jobs and economic value.   It will prohibit a 3-vote majority from ever again giving away $158 million of Anaheim taxpayer money to a single hotel developer without proper notice, public input, or commitment to local public benefit.

After hearing the undeniable support of the people and their wish for a transparent government, I remain even more determined to champion this cause. It has never been a “title” that has given me a lifelong heart of service and a genuine love for the people of our communities.

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  1. Joanne Sosa
    April 23, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Thank you Council member Lorri Galloway. Your courage and determination clearly towers above those who continue to twist facts and create fear instead of choice. Thanks to the giveaway three who have shown Anaheim residents more than ever why we must “Let The People Vote”!

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