Vice President Biden on the Importance of Getting Involved

Vice President Joe Biden

The re-election campaign of President Barack Obama has released a brief video featuring Vice President Joe Biden discussing the importance of getting involved in this year’s campaign.

Vice President Joe Biden:

Organizing our communities may be even more important this year than last election for a simple reason. As the guys for the other side have shown, and promised, they’re going to spend several hundred million dollars carpet-bombing the president with negative ads.

And there’s only one real antidote to that—and that is face-to-face contact with the voters. And that takes shoe-leather, that takes people willing to put their reputation on the line for the president and me—saying look, I’d like you to take a look at my two guys. I think they’re good guys. I have faith in them.

It’s important. We need to have the single greatest ground game in the history of presidential politics to counter what is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars in just raw negative attack ads. That’s why it’s so important this year-more important than it’s ever been in my view.

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