Dick Cheney – a Bleeding Heart Liberal

Last week, former Vice President Dick Cheney made news when it was discovered he was the recipient of a heart transplant.  What wasn’t revealed until now is that Cheney’s donor was a bleeding heart liberal from Cambridge, Massachusetts who was a strong anti-Iraq war advocate, pro-Gay marriage, Pro-legalized marijuana, and Pro-Obama Harvard graduate student Biff Kennedy who was killed in a tragic glitter-bombing gone wrong at a Romney for President event in Texas.

Doctor’s say the new heart, while beating just fine in Cheney’s chest, has already had a profound affect on the former VP.

“The patient began weeping openly for hours, sobbing apologies to unknown individuals who were known to have been water-boarded during the Iraq War,” said Doctor Bill Frist, who was assisted by Doctors Ron and Rand Paul during the 16 hour surgery at Walter Reed.  “The patient is also writing checks to the Obama for President” campaign and left messages to Roger Ailes at Fox and Rush Limabugh at EIB to ratchet down attacks on Liberals saying ‘they aren’t so bad.'”


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  1. Junior
    April 1, 2012 at 7:07 pm

    Next thing needed is a brain transplant for Biden …. Or maybe not.

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