78 Year Old Woman Crushes Santa Ana Planning Commissioner in HB Half-Marathon

It is April Fool’s Day but this is a factual story.  Last year, we reported a dead man beat Santa Ana planning commissioner Sean Mill in the Huntingon Beach Half Marathon.  It was true.  A runner suffered a heart attack before crossing the finish line in 2011 and had no heart beat when he was carried across the finish line well ahead of Mill.

We’re happy to report Sean’s times improved over last year.

In 2012, Mill finished 10,591th out of a total of 14,136 runners and was 4,659 in a field onf 5,515 men.  For his age group, Men/45-49, he was 631 out of 738 with a time of 2:44:57 and a pace of 12:35 a mile.  Im 2011, Mill finished 11,215 from a field of 13,300 runners and came in at 4500 in the category of male runners from a field of 4,915. For his age group of 40-44, Sean was 682 of 715 runners and his time was 2:55:39 for a half Marathon making his pace an average of 13:24 a mile. His first three miles were at 12:31 a mile. So, Sean’s overall improvement was 10 minutes and 24 seconds.  Well done Sean!

But, a 78 year old woman from Oceanside was faster.  A lot faster.  Anne Garrett finished first in her age class.  Anne finished in 5,061 place with a time of 2:08.33 and that’s a pace of 9:49 a mile.  But lest you think we call out elite runners like Anne, Sean also lost to 67 year old Sandy Johnson from Anchorage, AK who finished in 10,504th place wigtha time of 2:44.12, 45 seconds or so ahead of Sean.

According to Wikipedia, the average walking speed is about 3.1 miles per hour.