Daly Blows Off AD-69 Debate

Tom Daly (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

Santa Ana city council member Michele Martinez wasn’t the only AD-69 candidate who blew off last night’s debate at Los Amigos.  OC Clerk Recorder Tom Daly was in Sacramento for a fundraising trip.  Martinez held a fundraiser in Santa Ana at the same time of the Los Amigos debate.

Register reporter Andrew Galvin was there and we’ll wait for his post on the debate, but this is a race without a coherent message.  None of the candidates have articulated specific stances on issues and when a debate opportunity occurs, half of the Democrats in the race can be bothered to attend to make their case to the voters. It’s shameful.

Go to the web to try and learn the candidate’s positions on critical issues and what will you find? Not much.  Julio Perez has a list of endorsements and a directory of news releases on his web site.  Michele Martinez doesn’t have an issues page either, but she makes an attempt at taking a position veen though there are no specifics and no plans.  From her website:

Supporting K-12 education is vital to a strong and healthy economic future for Orange County. I will work in Sacramento to provide adequate funding and more local control of our schools. Similarly, our state colleges and universities need our support to teach, train and prepare our citizens for the future.   Equally, I will promote economic development that results in creating good-paying jobs for our community. We must support job training and retraining programs to assist the long-term unemployed gain skills and knowledge to meet the needs of employers.

All that sounds nice, but isn’t this stuff she could be doing now as a Santa Ana city council member?  Is that happening now?  You tell me. Both Martinez and Perez have serious personal finance issues that should give voters pause.

Daly has no website and seems to rely on the long memory of AD-69 voters about his time as Mayor of Anaheim and as OC Clerk Recorder.  Francisco Barragan also has no campaign website.

What we have now is not so much a race for State Assembly but a popularity contest for student council president.  We await the next debate where candidates can outline clear plans and a clear message about why they are best suited to represent central OC in Sacramento.

  2 comments for “Daly Blows Off AD-69 Debate

  1. March 30, 2012 at 12:29 pm
  2. Nguyen
    March 31, 2012 at 8:27 am

    I think it’s not as big a deal that Tom Daly missed since he was out of town.
    It’s embarrassing and disrespectful that some candidates were actually in town for this forum and didn’t make it a priority. At least they could have gone by and made their apology personally, and that would have showed that the constituents who took their valuable time to come see and hear the candidates are really their priority.
    If Tom Daly had been in town and available, and decided not come to the forum, he would have been showing a lack of respect for the community too.

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