Perez Affirms His Address; Campaign Suggests Process Server Made a Mistake or Lied

Article Tab: image1-Where does Assembly candidate Julio Perez live?

The OC Register reported yesterday that AD-69 candidate Julio Perez may not live at the Santa Ana address he says he’s been living at because a process server trying to serve legal documents said a woman answered the door and claimed Perez didn’t live there.  Perez lives on North Baker Street in Santa Ana; there is a South Baker Street in Santa Ana as well.

We spoke with the Perez Campaign about this story last night; Gabriel Sanchez told TheLiberalOC that campaign is in the process of documeting proof of Perez’s residency via a variety of means and we get the impression this story is a distraction.  Perez is holding a fundraising BBQ at the address soon.  “Julio knows where he lives and knows where he stands,” said Sanchez.

The Perez cam[paign sent Register reporter Brian Jospeh some additional facts and clarifications in asking for a correction to the original story.  According to an email we received from the campaign, the Perez team is suggesting that processor didn’t do a proper service and that Joseph didn’t do a thorough job reporting the story.  But it does appear the Perez camp will need to spend a few days to provide proof of Perez’s residency.

From the Register’s story:

On Jan. 23, a process server named Raul Peraza started visiting the North Baker Street home to serve Perez with information about the lawsuit. Perez has been registered to vote at that address since October 2010, according to secretary of state records.   The server visited the house five times between Jan. 23 and Feb. 3, according to a sworn declaration by Peraza.  

On Jan. 28, the server reported speaking to a neighbor, who said he had never heard of Perez. On Feb. 3, when the server came to the residence, a woman Peraza identified as Yolanda Estrada, current tenant, said nobody named Julio Perez lives there. (Click here to read the sworn statement from the process server.)  

Thirty-five days later, on March 9, Perez signed his declaration of candidacy, swearing that the home on North Baker Street was his residence. (Click here to read the declaration.)   Perez said that he sometimes receives mail for a Yolanda Estrada at his home, but added that he doesn’t know who she is.   “I’m assuming she’s a former tenant,” he said.   Perez was adamant that he lives at the home on North Baker Street, saying that he’s lived there for some time and that he’s having a barbecue fundraiser there Sunday.


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  1. Just Sayin
    March 22, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Perhaps the process server was lied to when he visited the residence and the neighbors house. It happens all the time. I served process for many years and found that people lied to me hoping I would leave without serving the defendant. It is called evading service.

    • March 22, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Just another sphincter blowing hot air – commenting without thinking – “just sayin – not thinkin”.

      If you did, indeed, serve process for many years, you would also note that the oddity that the neighbor’s address is not listed, and name is not listed, so there is absolutely no way to verify the truth of the statement or trace the identity of the hearsay speaker. A process server is supposed to get verifiable statements, not unattributable hearsay from ghosts without addresses. Also, the process server does not even go to the house to attempt service on one date (“no answer at neighbor’s door, will continue to verify”) but rather goes to the neighbors house? No attempt to serve and no entry regarding the house (e.g. no answer, no cars in driveway, no lights, etc.?) where service is supposed to be effectuated? Also, what is the process server “continuing to verify?”

      • junior
        March 23, 2012 at 6:00 am

        What does this article have to do with junior?

        Get a new blog handle.

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