Santa Ana’s Paul Walters to be Honored at Private Event

Interim Santa Ana City Manager Chief Paul Walters (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

One of our tipsters alerted us to a private party to honor Santa Ana’s interim city manager and police chief Paul Walters for a job well done.  Through’s Walter’s management, the city has come back from the brink of fiscal disaster.  The event is by invitation only and we’re told it’s a party thrown by private citizens in Santa Ana.

Here are the details:

Place: Original Mike’s

March 22 from 6-9PM

The event’s hosts are Raul Yanez and Adolfo Lopez under the guise of The Committee to Preserve Santa Ana.  The event is not a fundraiser, not a dime of PBID money will be spent and there’s a buffet and the chance to shake Walter’s hand.

If you want to go, you need an invite.

  2 comments for “Santa Ana’s Paul Walters to be Honored at Private Event

  1. Marcus Wilson
    March 21, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Paul Walters is a master at manipulating numbers, no question. Will there be a traditional red carpet for all these big stars at the party? And will David Ream be there to help celebrate? What to do about the Paparazzi?

  2. Gil
    March 25, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Santa Ana community members, now lets ask for an audit. An audit by an outside agency and I can guarantee you that they will find some funny things going on in Santa Ana. Manipulating numbers is just the beginning.

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