Morning News Bits – March 15, 2012

OC Social Service Agency Eckhoff Campus (Photo by: Norberto Santana Jr)

OC Register — Air at county building is safe, tests show

In the news this morning we have the OC Register reporting that the County says that tests they conducted on the air in the Social Services Agency building at 840 N. Eckhoff Street in Orange show no contamination is present. The Agency conducted tests March 4th and distributed a memo to workers Wednesday attesting to the air safety. “The building can be occupied by employees for regular use without restrictions,” wrote Michael Riley, the agency’s director.

“I really hope that the county is right and that it’s safe for employees to be at the Eckhoff building,” said Jennifer Muir, an OCEA spokeswoman, on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, given the county’s attitude to employee concerns leading up to the point, employees don’t have a whole lot of confidence in what the county is telling them.” Read more.

OC Political — Fun Stories From OC ROV Friday: Long Pham Made It Fun

Chris Emami tells a fascinating story of the last minute antics of current Orange County Board of Education member Long Pham as the deadline for candidacy arrived at 5:00 pm Wednesday. Emami describes in detail a scene that has to be read to be appreciated. What I can say is I wish I could have been there to see it. Read More.

Baloon Ride at The Great Park Irvine

Voice of OC — Controversial Great Park Contract on Chopping Block

Adam Elmahrek reports that the Orange County Great Park’s no-bid, $100,000 per-month public relations contract with Forde & Mollrich – which has been a prime target of critics of the park’s leadership over the years – could be slashed in half if park directors adopt the Great Park’s proposed budget at Thursday morning’s board meeting. Read More.

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  1. March 15, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Air at County Building:

    The Union should research air filters that are able to reduce perchloroethylene levels. If found, then the Union should purchase the air filters and then install them at every work station; and then document the Union’s request that the OC Board of Supervisors pay ½ the costs.
    If the OC Board of Supervisors refuses to pay ½ the costs, (or stall), and if the lawyers for the plaintiffs win their lawsuit, then the lawsuit will result in a larger settlement for the plaintiffs, and the OC Board of Supervisors will be exposed for the incompetence, and easily Recalled. What a day that would be, – Liberal & Conservative, – Union & anti-Union forces joining to gather the required signatures for a Recall the OC Board of Supervisors. Wow!
    Robert Lauten

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