Sanchez Sisters and Lou Correa Sue Kindee Durkee

Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez

Yesterday, Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez, and State Senator Lou Correa filed suit against their former campaign treasurer Kindee Durkee. Their suit alleges Durkee stole $1.4 million in campaign funds and that the bank they used aided and abetted the scheme.

Hat tip to the LATimes who broke the story on Wednesday. From their report:

“A fraud on the scale alleged herein could not have occurred, and did not occur, without the knowing involvement of First California Bank,’’ the lawsuit by Correa alleges. “In exchange for fees and profits, First California Bank intentionally ignored dozens of red flags, ignored its duties and obligations under state and federal law, and allowed Durkee to perpetuate the scheme.’’

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